Achieve Your 2014 Social Media Marketing Goals

Social media networks have drastically changed we communicate and connect with people for business. Although there may be plenty of social media platforms for networking and marketing, you may across marketers who have hit a dead end with their strategies for social media marketing. You may follow … [Read more...]

New Google Analytics Tools For Growing Businesses

Google Analytics has come up with several new features which can be effectively used for promoting and growing your business. New Google Analytics Reports According to the new changes introduced in Google’s algorithm, you can no longer see the Traffic Sources and Content feature in your Google … [Read more...]

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Posts

Most people promote their content using the three major platforms of social media, namely, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin. These are the most popular social networking sites that attract the highest number of users. However, you may not be able to drive sufficient traffic to your blog if … [Read more...]

Google Glass Project: What You Need to Know

For those who don’t know what all this talk about Google Glass is about, here they are. You will find them to be the coolest of cool features you will not like to let go. You can Record Videos, Shoot Pictures and Make it Respond to Voice Commands If you want to take pictures or shoot … [Read more...]

Unleash The Creative Power Of Social Media

Times change. Only three years ago (2008), MySpace and Blogger were racing ahead of any existing social media service: Facebook was at its very start, a simple profile with a bunch of customization options; Twitter had just seen its first boom in growth and Windows Live Spaces was still alive and … [Read more...]

“The Game” Tweets Cause Problems For Compton Sheriff

The internet and social media websites like Twitter and Facebook are well known as a form a free promotion. There are daily contest and giveaways open to those who choose to follow their favorite artist and actors. With so many people using Twitter for promotion it is hard to be noticed unless you … [Read more...]

Oh the Places They Will Go: Facebook Considers Revisions to Its Privacy Policy Again

Facebook is considering making changes to its Privacy Policy and Statement of Rights once again but this time is asking for feedback from users to ensure the smooth reception of the updates. Changes include: • Location sharing. • New language related to sharing. • A breakdown of the “Everyone” … [Read more...]

What Does Web 2.0 Really Mean?

Many people who use the internet daily run into the term web 2.0 and many of those people don’t know what it means. This is actually very understandable considering that for most people the internet does not seem any different than when they were first exposed to it. In order to truly understand web … [Read more...]

The Value of Twitter and Facebook in the Classroom

Last fall, Australia’s Griffith University jumped on the social media bandwagon by making a class on Twitter a mandatory requirement for journalism students. University officials noted the importance of social media in terms of potential employment opportunities and the role that “tweets” played in … [Read more...]

Is Social Media a Lost Cause for Home Based Businesses?

Business Week recently published an article called “Debunking Six Social Media Myths” by B.L. Ochman. The six myths he attempts to debunk are: • Social media is cheap, if not free • Anyone can do it • You can make a big splash in a short time • You can do it all in-house • If you do something … [Read more...]