Achieve Your 2014 Social Media Marketing Goals

Achieve Your 2014 Social Media Marketing GoalsSocial media networks have drastically changed we communicate and connect with people for business. Although there may be plenty of social media platforms for networking and marketing, you may across marketers who have hit a dead end with their strategies for social media marketing. You may follow these simple steps and strategies to achieve your social media goals this year

Define realistic goals for improving and strengthening your business

While expanding your business this year, you need to have a realistic set of goals for achievement. For example, you own a business of fashion accessories and clothes. At the same time, you also own an online shopping site that displays the fashion accessories present in your local store. If your online retail store has caused a business growth of 10-20% last year, you may expect an online sales growth of 5% this year. This is definitely a realistic goal that is attainable.

Determine ways through which you can boost online sales

Once you have set a realistic goal, you need to clearly define strategies that could be used for improving online sales through social media. “Elevation Principle” is one of the basic measures used for improving online sales. Elevation principle can be simply defined as “great content that influences the choices of consumers online”. In other words, the content that is used to drive sales should not really bear “typical marketing messages”.

While writing content on different social media platforms, the tone should not sound “salesy”. First, determine the “target consumer” for every product. The tone of the content should exactly address the needs of the “target consumer”. A sign up form can definitely let you know how visitors feel when they browse your website for purchasing products online. The feedback helps you in solving the issues faced by online consumers as you create content accordingly.

Determine how traffic sources can boost online sales

To determine how you can boost online sales, you first need to identify the appropriate social media platforms that drive traffic to your website. Google Analytics is an efficient tool that is used by webmasters to identify web traffic. Once you implement your social media strategies for about one month, you may easily compare the results in order to identify the correct social media platforms that are used for driving traffic to your website. For example, if you have an online fashion store, you may use YouTube to increase your online sales through video marketing.

In conclusion, your content strategy should be such that it not only engages the visitors of your website but also converts them into actual customers who would love to vouch for your products and services.

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