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StumbleUpon Marketing, How to Drive More Traffic to Your Content

Stumbleupon Marketing TechniquesStumbleUpon is a unique site as it blends search engine with bookmarking. This is one of the best sites to increase the visibility of your content. This site recommends users websites and blogs based on their interests. In other words, you can actually your true audience through StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon provides different ways of expressing interests. First, you need to set up your profile on StumbleUpon. Then, enlist your interests and the people you wish you to follow. Moreover, you can also mention the articles you have appreciated. The “Thumbs-Up” and “Thumbs-Down” buttons are used for expressing interests. This directs the StumbleUpon algorithm to suggest the kind of algorithm you wish.

StumbleUpon is based on personal interests. In other words, this site gathers the data that could be used for curating and promoting content. You can also create communities to share your different types of interests.

Depending on the type of products you are marketing, StumbleUpon can be used for both: B2B and B2C channels. Business-to-business and Business-to-Consumer industries have to create content that encapsulates the consumer.

Approximately 60% of people access StumbleUpon through their desktop. With the launch of new mobile app, StumbleUpon has increased its mobile audience by about 25% within a short span of one year. StumbleUpon has approximately 23.4 million users in the U.S, so it is an important channel for online marketing.

StumbleUpon has become the treasure hunt for great content

Do you own websites and blogs? In that case, you should make use of StumbleUpon widgets on your website. These widgets would let people know your content on StumbleUpon.

Which is the preferred option for StumbleUpon: company pages or individual users?

Avoid sharing the content originating from your competitor’s on StumbleUpon. One of the best ways of optimising the use of StumbleUpon is through the individual profiles of your employees. This would certainly amplify the content on StumbleUpon. So, when you make use of thousands of employee profiles for sharing content on StumbleUpon, you automatically built a large audience.

Associate with power users on StumbleUpon

The home page of StumbleUpon displays the Follower section. Depending on your interests, you can wish to follow any of these people on StumbleUpon. In general, follow people who are active users on StumbleUpon and who have shared quite a lot of content on the platform.

Paid Discovery tool on StumbleUpon

In order to get greater visibility for your content, you can make use of “Paid Discovery” tool on StumbleUpon. This would increase the impact of your content. In general, approximately 10% of stumbles are generated through this tool.

StumbleUpon Marketing, How to Drive More Traffic to Your Content – Click to Tweet
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Grow Sales Via Twitter Advertising

Grow Sales Via Twitter AdvertisingTwitter is a thinking man’s medium and it is not just sufficient to launch Twitter advertising campaigns. In this article, we speak about how successful Twitter advertising campaigns

Select a precise target audience.

In order to successfully track a Twitter advertising campaign, you have to precisely target your audience through ad campaigns. For every promoted tweet, you have to presently shell out 1.50 $. On the other hand, you need to pay 3$ for every follower on Twitter. So, you need to correctly identify your target audience.

Make use of tracking tools to measure the conversion rate

While creating promoted tweets for your advertising campaign, you would have to incorporate tags with your target URL in each of your tweets. Then, you may make use of different UTM parameters to know the visitors clicking specific links in Google Analytics. One of the easiest ways of identifying your UTM parameter is through Google Analytics URL Builder. Here, you get to collect data for various advertising campaigns.

For this purpose, you need to click the tab of Campaigns under Acquisitions. You may also set up Conversion tracking tool present under the dashboard of Twitter advertising. In order to set up this tool, you have to click on Conversion Tracking link present in the menu bar of Twitter advertising dashboard.

Increase followers through promoted accounts

After launching your Twitter advertising campaign, you can easily grow your followers by making use of promoted accounts. Did you notice the “Who to Follow box” present on the left-hand sidebar of Twitter? In this section, you get to see a long list of “promoted accounts.” Promoted accounts are the most effective ways of growing your followers on Twitter. Higher the number of followers on Twitter, greater would be the success of your advertising campaign.

One of the most recommended ways of attracting followers on Twitter is by making use of specific tweet to target your followers. This tweet would be displayed on mobile devices along with the suggestion of following your promoted account. The tweet should be representative of your advertising campaign on Twitter. This would attract the right kind of followers on Twitter.

Increase Leads with Lead Generation Cards

Lead generation cards are the best tools for launching Twitter advertising campaigns. Lead generation cards are tweets which are used to collect the names and emails of people who could serve as leads for growing your business. The leads gathered constitute the mailing list subscribers whom you can target easily through Twitter.

Grow Sales Via Twitter Advertising – Click to Tweet
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