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4 Ways Influencers Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is an extremely fast-paced and competitive field. Although it provides brands with a lot of unique opportunities, it also has its concurrent challenges.

Today, brands are finding success in the market by tapping influencers. If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your digital marketing campaign or make the most of your advertising dollars, you should consider including influencer marketing to boost your overall marketing strategy.

What Is An Influencer?

We hear the word thrown out a lot, but what does it really mean?

An influencer is “a person or group that has the ability to influence the behaviour [sic] or opinions of others” (Cambridge English Dictionary). Influencers are usually industry experts, popular personalities, celebrities, and public figures who have the capability to influence trends and purchase decisions. They’re especially popular among millennials. In fact, 70% of teenagers on YouTube trust influencers over traditional celebrities.

Brands usually use influencers to endorse products in a number of ways from original content to blogs to simple social media posts. Today, over 73% of marketers have an allocated budget for influencer marketing–and the number is only getting larger. It’s safe to say that influencers are here to stay.

Here are some ways influencers can improve your digital marketing campaign.

1. Instant Audience

Most influencers already have thousands–sometimes, even millions–of followers. What is more, they are highly trusted by their audience. 49% of people say they seek recommendations from influencers before purchasing a product or service.

Most consumers see influencers as more genuine and closer to home than big name celebrities or endorsers. Thus, the level of trust is much higher, especially if the influencer is part of a small, tightly-knit community.

2. Expert Produced Content

Influencers are popular because they’re good at what they do. Most influencers have years of experience and expertise under their belts. They are usually the most trusted members of their communities.

Collaborating with influencers allows you to access their knowledge and expertise, which, in turn, helps your brand build credibility among consumers. This is a win-win situation because it allows influencers to put out fresh content and helps brands reach a wider audience.

3. Better ROI

Influencer-created content delivers up to 11x higher ROI than other forms of digital marketing. Moreover, brands that engage in influencer marketing report a return of $6.50 for every $1 invested on influencers. That’s a lot of mileage for your dollar!

Brands with limited advertising budgets should look to influencers for better returns on their marketing campaigns.

Not sure how to maximize your marketing budget? There are companies that help brands take advantage of different strategies through corporate trade and other digital marketing tools.

4. Improved Search Rankings

Google’s search algorithms are constantly changing. Strategies that may have been effective in the past such as invisible text, keyword stuffing, and spam comments are no longer relevant today.

Unlike traditional SEO strategies, digital marketing allows you to build organic links and leads through content that is truly relevant and engaging. This allows you to improve your reach without having to manipulate Google’s software (which is, as said earlier, prone to changes).

Not sure how to integrate influencers into your campaign? Sherwood Integrated Solutions can help build your brand through integrated marketing, corporate trade, and e-commerce.

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5 Highly Effective Habits of Top Instagram Influencers That You Should Mimic

screen captureIf you’re trying to build up a strong presence on Instagram – what better way than to mimic successful influencers? Considering these influencers have already built up their own following, learning from them could help you emulate their success.

While there are many things traits and habits that top Instagram influencers tend to share in common, the four that are invariably the most effective are:

  • Quality over quantity

Every post that you publish on Instagram should be carefully and deliberately weighed. The idea that you can just keep publishing posts and hope that some stick is not very successful, and will likely damage your credibility. That is why top influencers focus on publishing high quality content that they feel their followers will like – and you should do the same.

  • Be passionate

Normally Instagram pages are focused on a specific area of interest – one that (presumably) you’re passionate about. It is important that you display that passion in the content that you publish, as it will help you to attract others who are also passionate about it.

  • Make your captions count

Although Instagram is a visual platform – your captions matter a lot more than you may realize. It is your chance to provide context to your image, mix in some humor, or even credit others that you’re collaborating with. Of course it is also where you’ll want to place your hashtags.

  • Use trending hashtags wisely

It can be tempting to jump on board every trending hashtag in an effort to give your Instagram presence more exposure. However if you do that your Instagram page will very quickly start to just be a mix of posts trying to capitalize on trends. Making use of trending hashtags is definitely something top influencers do – but they do so sparingly, and only post into one when they have something worth posting.

  • Network with other Instagrammers

As a social platform Instagram is all about establishing connections – and you’d be surprised how much of a difference networking with other Instagrammers can make. Find Instagrammers that you admire or want to emulate, follow them, comment, and start networking. As your network grows you may even want to collaborate with them to your mutual benefit.

When you first start out it may seem as though your following is growing slowly – but as it does the rate at which it grows will normally pick up. Keep learning from successful Instagram influencers and you should be on the right track – especially if you also tune in to some of the webinars they may host. If you aren’t able to watch them live, use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record them and watch it later.

By capturing video from screen with Movavi Screen Capture Studio you can record and save any Instagram-related webinars you think may be of interest. It even has tools that will let you edit the videos that you record, so you can extract important highlights and save them for future reference.

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