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Being Social on Social Media to Grow Engagement

Achieve Your 2014 Social Media Marketing GoalsLack of engagement is one of the most frustrating parts of social media marketing. If you are not consistent in posting on social media, then if you are lucky, you will sometimes get a like, but no regular follows, comments, or likes. This situation is disheartening and costly, and means that your social media marketing is not delivering to the audience what they expect.

Social media is one of the most famous ways of direct marketing. With social media marketing, you can connect one-on-one with the customers, and you can speak directly to the buyers. This is an opportunity every business owner wants to capitalize on, and it’s possible only through the right kind of engagement.

Here are some of the key steps which you can follow to increase your engagement with your target audience:

1.    Stop Them from Scrolling

The first sign of success you will get is when your content is interesting enough that it stops the viewers from scrolling down. The best way to catch their attention is by posting something that they like, want to see, or desire to know more about. To catch the eye of your viewers, you can follow the following steps:

     a)      Find out why your audience is present on social media

  • Chances are, that your audience is on Facebook to read or view the latest news. So, post content with news or current events.
  • Your audience might be on Instagram to view photos of their friends and family. So, you should post more of your business’s behind-the-scene photos.
  • In this way, if your audience stops scrolling to read what info you are providing, they are more likely to get engaged with your post. Similarly, if they notice any of your team members doing something interesting in a photo on Instagram, they will most likely take the time to look at it.

     b)     Find out what your audiences do when away from social media

  • You can also stop them from scrolling by knowing what your audiences do when they are not on social media and then target that.
  • For example, if you are a seller of dog products, you can target dog lovers and can use dogs in your posts. For example, a photo of your team playing with a dog can attract viewers who spend a lot of time with animals.

     c)      Be funny

  • Most consumers come to social media to be entertained. If you forget this, then you will lose your audience’s attention.
  • For that continuous engagement, add humor to your posts. People like the humorous posts¾they might share it and tag their friends to watch it.
  • Ultimately, your posts will get plenty of likes, comments, and shares.

2.    Inspire a Reaction

Facebook has brought a very good feature to increase engagement. They have introduced five new ways by which a person can react to a post: Haha, Love, Angry, Wow, and Sad. This has opened a whole new world of opportunities for businesses. Facebook encourages your audience to react to what you are sharing. These steps can be followed:

     a)      Use emojis as prompts

To get a reaction more frequently, you can use emojis in your post. By this, the tone is set, and the reader will get to know how you expect them to react. For example, when sharing something humorous, use the laughing emoji.

     b)     Ask for specific reaction

Sometimes, when you ask for a reaction, you get more engagement, and Facebook’s reaction buttons helps. For example, you can host a contest and award the audience for hitting “love” button rather than just “like.”

     c)      Ask them to review

You can ask your audience for a review in the comments section on Instagram or in the form of a Facebook reaction. For example, you can share a blog post regarding your industry and ask the people to react through Facebook reactions.

3.    Spark Intrigue

Intrigue not only increases the engagement, but also supports your digital marketing funnel. Some ways you can spark intrigue amongst your target audience are:

     a)      Share some compelling data

You can offer some surveys or compelling data because people love to know the facts. To know more, they will visit your website. Remember not to give everything away on social media. It should be a teaser to encourage them to visit your site.

     b)     Launch new products and offers

You can tell your audience about the new product to be launched and offer them some freebies. This way you can get more clicks on your website, and when they enter their email address to get freebies, you can get their email addresses also.

     c)      Stream live videos

You can increase the engagement through videos because videos have audio, eye-catching movement, text, and imagery. Live streaming is the latest way for companies to engage with their audience.

These are some of the ways by which you can increase your engagement on social media. Always remember that to get more comments, likes, and shares on your posts, provide your audience entertaining, inspiring, and intriguing content¾and be sure to do it regularly. Fone Dynamics wants to know what works for you in engaging with your audience on social media; comment below to share your best practices!

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How to Get Into Instagram’s ‘Top Posts’ for a Hashtag

Instagram HashtagsWhenever you browse through a hashtag on Instagram, the very first thing you’ll see is a three by three grid of the ‘Top Posts’ for that hashtag. Because of their visibility, getting featured can provide a lot of exposure, possibly helping you to engage a wider audience and gain more followers in the process.

How Instagram’s ‘Top Posts’ Work

Essentially the ‘Top Posts’ on Instagram are a picked out by an algorithm that attempts to rank posts within that hashtag. Unlike the ‘Explore’ page that is user-specific, every viewer sees exactly the same ‘Top Posts’ for a given hashtag.

Although no one knows precisely how Instagram’s algorithm selects ‘Top Posts’, it has been proven to measure engagement and its growth. More specifically, it tracks both the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ that a post receives, as well as how much they have grown recently.

Simply put a post that has acquired more likes and comments recently has better chances of appearing in Instagram’s ‘Top Posts’.

Getting into ‘Top Posts’

Now that you understand how Instagram’s ‘Top Posts’ work, you should already have an idea of what it will take to get into them. In particular you will want to:

  • Aim to hit the ‘Top Posts’ on less popular hashtags

Because the ‘Top Posts’ section is hashtag-specific, you will want to aim for hashtags that aren’t that popular. Popular hashtags have a larger audience, but the competition is much stiffer and unless you have lots of followers you’ll find it tough to gain enough likes or comments to get into the ‘Top Posts’.

  • Mix in popular hashtags to increase engagement

Although you will want to aim to be in the ‘Top Posts’ for less popular hashtags, that doesn’t mean you should ignore popular hashtags entirely. In fact you should make sure that you mix in popular hashtags as well in your posts so that you can benefit from their wider audience and gain more likes and comments.

  • Encourage comments with a call to action

One other way to increase engagement is to try to encourage comments by placing a call to action in your caption. In this case you’ll want to use a caption that is likely to provoke a response – either by asking your viewers a direct question, or through more subtle prompts.

  • Time your posts to maximize engagement

It may take a bit of tracking and experimentation, but you should try to figure out when your audience tends to be most active and time your posts accordingly. You can repost other peoples content using a screen capture tool. Typically it is said that it is best to post in the evening (i.e. between 7 pm to 9 pm) – but that can vary on a case by case basis.

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