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25 Landing Page Optimization Tips For Any Business

Landing Page OptimizationOne might think that landing pages are annoying and useless, but just because you’re not fond of them it doesn’t mean they don’t work.

As a matter of fact, landing pages work extremely well, and are considered a major factor in website performance, conversion and marketing in general.

Don’t take my word for it – according to the free 2012 Marketing Benchmarks Report which you can find on this link, companies which have increased the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 have increased their leads 55 per cent. Now that’s impressive.

Also, looking at the MarketingSherpa 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report, written by the training and publications center MecLabs, layout of the landing page is of extreme importance.

That report can be found here.

Not only should you not neglect your landing page – you should make it your number one priority, no matter what business you’re in.

Luckily for you, I’m here to bring you 25 landing page optimization tips that can be applied to any business.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to it:

1)      Don’t cheat – Don’t try to scam the system, as it will break you. Use white label SEO (optimize your landing page for the search engines in accordance to the engines’ rules)

2)      Hit them straight to the head – Your landing page must be fast to the point

3)      Pay attention to the layout – People are faster to remember colours and shapes rather than text

4)      Use contrasting colours – Do you know why most Hollywood posters combine blue and orange?

5)      Don’t forget your logo – As I said, people are faster to remember shapes, use that to your advantage

6)      Avoid visual noise – Don’t put everything on the landing page, just the essentials

7)      Use the A/B technique to test them – Make two different landing pages and place both, see which one works better

8)      Remove navigation – Don’t give visitors a chance to navigate to another page just yet. Force them to pay attention to the landing page

9)      Congruence – Whatever you do, whatever you write, all must point to the exact same goal – conversion

10)   Sharing is caring – Don’t forget to add the share button, as it will definitely increase your traffic

11)   Extra value – Make sure that people who are converted from the landing page get something in return

12)   Show contact info – Email address, Phone number, Facebook and Twitter accounts – whatever you have, let your visitors know you have it

13)   Don’t be lame – Try to steer clear from the format used in telemarketing and similar – “BUY NOW”, “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE” and such will get you nowhere, fast

14)   Endorsements – If you know a celebrity which uses your products, or know someone famous who might, make sure you have their face on the landing page. If you don’t know anyone, reach out to them.

15)   Testimonials – Same as with endorsements, only these people don’t need to be famous. But the testimonials need to be authentic, don’t forget that!

16)   Privacy – Don’t ask for information you don’t need, people are very sensitive about placing their data online

17)   Forget about Flash – Just stick to HTML and you’ll be fine. Remember that most people surf on a tablet or a mobile device, so make sure they can open your site properly

18)   Show it to your colleagues/friends/co-workers – Don’t go live with the landing page without double-checking with someone you know. Maybe you’ve missed a typo or your messages aren’t clear enough – you’ll make good use of such feedback!

19)   Call to action – If you don’t call your visitors to action, you’ve missed the whole point of the landing page. Make sure the visitors act on your landing page

20)   Button colour – Make sure your main button, be it “subscribe now” or whatever, is in such colour that it evokes strong emotional reactions

21)   Avoid speaking in superlatives. Saying your product or service is the best in the world, ever, will only make you sound silly. Even if you really are the best ever.

22)   TL;DR – Or as we used to say: KISS (Keep it short and simple). Whatever copy you have prepared, cut it in half.

23)   Don’t lie – Make sure that you can stand behind everything written in the landing page

24)   No background music – If there’s one thing that stands out as annoying online, it’s music I didn’t ask for

25)   Use copyrighted material – Don’t use someone else’s photos without permission. This can only get you in a whole lot of trouble, and it’s not worth it. Flickr has a huge database of creative commons licenced photos.

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How To Make Money Online With Your Blog


Dear blogger,

Hope you know that, with your blog, you are sitting on a goldmine.

Not even news media have as much relevance today as blogs— bloggers are today’s culture influencers, opinion leaders, even authorities, if you like.

Perhaps your blog is not as popular as Jon Morrow‘s or John Chow‘s, but you have something to offer — namely, your content and your loyal readers — that nobody else can replicate without turning into a copycat.

You are unique– and your blog is the means for you to express your uniqueness.

Content, readers, uniqueness — these are the 3 factors advertisers and online investors are after for their campaigns.

This post wants to offer you an overview of the most remunerative forms of blog advertising and money-making strategies that will help you make a living out of your blog– or at least, earn some money on the side.

Because you can–  and it’s fun (happy sponsored blogger since 2007, here!).


Why should an advertiser want ad space on your blog? There are many ways to answer that question:

  • Your blog traffic numbers are huge and advertisers fell for them
  • You have loyal readers who get interested in everything you write about
  • You are fun, friendly, brilliant and love to collaborate.

All in all, online advertising works best with blogs run by smart owners and that have smart readers. If you and your blog belong to that category, you’re up for a lot of opportunities in the online advertising world.

There are two ways you can get advertising opportunities: direct advertisers and advertising networks.

Direct Advertisers

The nicer way to make money online with your blog is to attract direct advertisers.

‘Direct’ means that an advertiser will contact you via phone or email to let you know they’re interested in buying ad space on your blog, for their client or their own company.

These advertisers can be gems, because they usually pay higher rates than advertising networks– and because there’s potential to build a long-term business relationship with them.

Advertising Networks

Services like Infolinks, Entireweb’s Speedy Ads and Magenet (no aff links) do just that— they act as middlemen to connect you (and your blog) with interested advertisers.

Advertising networks pay less per ad than direct advertisers and run on stricter rules for acceptance of a blog in their marketplace, but you can get a constant flow of opportunities if your blog traffic is consistent.

Paid Sponsorships

Like with standard advertising, you can get paid to sponsor a product, a website or a concept on your blog via sponsored post networks or direct advertising.

Direct advertising works better for this content-based type of sponsorship. One advertiser in the past offered $150 for a sponsored post on one of my niche blogs. I accepted the deal and we worked together to make the post great and helpful to my specific readership. The post was indeed well received, and although the advertiser did not update me on the analytics later on, the post is still on my blog and still a part of it– not something I can’t wait to get rid of.

When a sponsored post is carefully crafted and matches the general tone, style and theme of your blog, the post is there to stay for many, many years to come.

You can complement direct advertising with sponsored post networks such as IZEA and Blogsvertise (no aff links).

Sponsored content should always carry a disclosure tag or line informing the reader what they’re reading was requested and paid for.

Banner- or infographics- based sponsorships fall under standard advertising, so you may refer to the previous subsection.

Review Websites

There are websites that pay you to review services, products or other websites.

Examples in this category include, LinkWorth (no aff links), IZEA and Blogsvertise, which also offer paid sponsorships (see previous subsection).

Like with sponsored content, your review  should be honest and should carry a disclosure tag.

Guest Bloggers

You can get paid to publish an author’s guest post on your blog or you can get paid to write for other blogs, such as topics you have no interest or knowledge about. This could be mommandme fashion or anything else.

In the first case, you get paid for promotion, because the guest writer pays you in exchange of placement of a piece of content on your blog, content that gives them exposure and reputation for their personal or company brand.

In the second case, you get paid to write and publish informational content on someone else’s blog. This kind of content is non-promotional, but you can still get exposure from your byline and, if available, a backlink (nofollow or not, it doesn’t matter) to your blog or social media profile.

And if you run a popular blog you no longer wish to maintain…

You have 2 highly remunerative options at your service:

1. Sell Your Blog Domain

You can sell the domain you used for your blog through services like Flippa and DigitalPoint, or you can use your registrar’s marketplace option (Dynadot, NameCheap and GoDaddy (no aff links) have this option).

The higher rankings, reputation and traffic numbers are connected with your domain, the higher amount you can ask from your buyer — even up to $5,000.

2. Sell Your Entire Website (Domain + Blog)

If you want to get rid of your entire blog but you don’t want to waste your efforts, you can sell domain and blog together and score up to $500,000.

Most website sellers use Flippa or DigitalPoint to find buyers.

What are YOUR strategies to make money online with your blog?

Share your wisdom in the comments! :)

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

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