Is Social Media a Lost Cause for Home Based Businesses?

Business Week recently published an article called “Debunking Six Social Media Myths” by B.L. Ochman. The six myths he attempts to debunk are:

• Social media is cheap, if not free
• Anyone can do it
• You can make a big splash in a short time
• You can do it all in-house
• If you do something great, people will find it
• You can’t measure social media marketing results

Ochman raises some legitimate issues throughout the piece. For example, he’s absolutely correct that you’re not going to become a star overnight. He also points out that unless you work to drive traffic, people won’t learn about your products or services, not matter how great they are. However, by the time you’re done reading the article, you might feel discouraged about being able to leverage social media marketing for your home based business.

A home based business can find success at social media marketing. Some of the “myths” are not myths at all if you implement sound marketing strategies. Social media is new medium, but proven marketing tactics and philosophies remain the same. Here’s a debunking of 4 myths that Ochman debunks:

Social media is cheap, if not free, for the purposes your home based businesses will most likely use them for. There are many free tools to help you along the way.
• Anyone can do it, if you’re willing to learn what it takes to succeed with social media.
• You can make a big splash in a short time, if you define a big splash as doubling your web traffic or making a profit each month.
• You can do it all in-house, and even assign tasks to your spouse and children who excel at working online.

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