4 Smart Ways to Get More LinkedIn Endorsements

I believe you're familiar with the endorsement feature on LinkedIn. With this feature, you can easily endorse other people's skills without having to write a lengthy, written recommendation. In case you don’t know, the number of endorsement you receive affects your word- of mouth referrals, … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Free Website Analysis & Local SEO Link Building

We are partnering with our friends at Your Internet Marketers to offer one lucky visitor a complete website analysis. The last day to enter is April 1st and we will be selecting the winner that week. To enter follow the directions at the end of this post. What does this prize include? On … [Read more...]

How to Use Pinterest to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

A relative newcomer on the social media scene, Pinterest has captured the imaginations of millions of users to become one of the fastest-growing networks around. Savvy site owners can translate this popularity into a boost for their page rankings. Introduction Social media has become a driving … [Read more...]

Google Algorithm Changes In 2012 – How It Affects The Search Results

Every year, Google changes the search algorithm more than hundred times. Most of these changes are minor but in 2012, Google has come out with some major changes in the search algorithm which has affected the search results in significant ways. Two major updates that were released by Google were … [Read more...]

SEO and Social Media Content – Core Business for Online Marketing

The need for relevant, high value content for online marketing is often mentioned, but it’s debatable whether the message is really getting through. It’s quite possible to waste a lot of time and effort setting up online marketing strategies, to find that the content doesn’t have much SEO impact and … [Read more...]

5 ways Guest Blogging can help you Promote your Business

Do you know that there are a lot of benefits that are associated with guest blogging? Whether it is in improving your search engine rankings or to drive traffic to your website, there are plenty of advantages that are associated with guest blogging. In this article I will be providing 5 ways guest … [Read more...]

Maximize Title and Description Tags to Increase Search Engine Click Through Rates

Google has been using snippets automatically generated from websites to show as instead of the Meta description. Only until recently, the last few years, have Google and the other search engines began to recognize the use of custom generated Meta tags that webmasters have inserted into the HTML code … [Read more...]

W3C Validator not used in Google Search Engine Ranking Factors says Matt Cutts

There have been many arguments as to whether or not Google search engine ranking factors look for a clean code in a website. The W3C Schools have brought forth a very popular and widely used tool, called the W3C Validation and the CSS Validation. Basically, both these tools look at your HTML and CSS … [Read more...]

Alt Tags and Title Tags for SEO…What is the difference

Alt Tags (alt="") Anchor tags are important for receiving link juice and build your search engine rankings. Without the proper anchor tags; your links will not be as valuable as they can be. Proper keyword research and strategically placing these keywords in the link text is a valuable SEO … [Read more...]

Website Content Mis-Spellings Causing you a Headache?

I have a great FREE spell checking tool for your website . Quite often a searcher will mistype the keywords they are searching for. This causes website's to lose money, as they are not getting the traffic they desire. New SEO tactics should include misspellings for popular keywords. It may look … [Read more...]