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The need for relevant, high value content for online marketing is often mentioned, but it’s debatable whether the message is really getting through. It’s quite possible to waste a lot of time and effort setting up online marketing strategies, to find that the content doesn’t have much SEO impact and doesn’t translate effectively to either online searches or social media site searches.

On Facebook, for example, a search may turn up anything. The fact is that the site searches work very much on the same basis as “normal” searches, and content, links and other basic criteria can be extraordinarily messy. This is doing nothing useful for social media marketing, which is still claiming to be able to deliver great things without getting the basic mechanisms operational.

Social media content and SEO issues

The core business issue for any sort of social or online marketing is value of content. People don’t (and won’t) read or even look at “blah” content. Why would they? If you’re trying to buy something, the last thing you need to see or want to do is rummage around in something which doesn’t provide the information you need.

In context with social media sites, low-grade content is stunningly useless. People on social media sites want to chat, they want to have fun, and they’re not usually too interested in anything else. You will find more people corroborate this argument if you navigate to this website. In this environment, content has to grab, inform and provide value, or it has no value to anyone.

Basic internet marketing is all about targeting. It has to be. The only way to make content with customers is to provide relevant information. Not at all coincidentally, that’s also one of the absolute bottom line requirements of SEO. Relevance is the valuation basis for search engine rankings on any type of search. On social media sites, it’s critical, particularly in a very high volume user base environment in which site users normally only do basic searches.

Best practice social media content and SEO marketing

To do any sort of online marketing, these are the basic SEO criteria:

  • High value content- This establishes search engine results rankings
  • Unique content- recycled materials never do well in searches, and may even be banned by some search engines like Google, including Google site searches. Visit to make sure the content is authentic.
  • Useful, relevant links– This is another core business issue. Links should lead to conversions and click-throughs, and provide meaningful value to users.
  • Direct links to high value sites- These links are another “tier” of SEO values. A link to a high value, relevant site ranks higher than a link to a lower value site.

In marketing terms, this approach equates to a pretty simple flow chart and basic equation-

Content leads to point of sale, with SEO values qualified by the value of the content and the links within the content.

This is marketing best practice which SEO in New Orleans use for one simple reason- The needs of the users are met at every stage. They search, they find what they want in the content, and can click through directly to the point of sale. Do your online marketing using the right combination of content and SEO and you can’t go wrong.

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