Website Content Mis-Spellings Causing you a Headache?

I have a great FREE spell checking tool for your website .

Quite often a searcher will mistype the keywords they are searching for. This causes website’s to lose money, as they are not getting the traffic they desire. New SEO tactics should include misspellings for popular keywords. It may look sloppy, but if your getting enough sales who cares! The reason you have a website is ultimately to make some source of income or to share your knowledge with the world. More often than not it is for the first reason, to make money.

If you have a small, unknown branded website and would like to compete with the major players go after misspelled keywords. This may sound strange, but actually this opens up a door for smaller websites to compete for competitive keywords. Those tough to get keywords have misspellings that are easy to top the search engine rankings for.

A good way to find misspellings is using a dictionary or thesaurus to look at words and see how they are spelled and pronounced. You can also use the Google AdWords Tool to see how many search results and how many times searchers misspelled words.

Unfortunately Google has the problem resolved using the “Did you mean……” phrase. Some searchers are not aware of this or do not care enough and will click through the misspellings. These misspellings are not competitive, yet and can easily be optimized for the top page and for much lower costs.

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