Review: The Samsung Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review
The Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the most  awaited smartphones, is full fo new featres and functionality. It’s being considered as the most promising device created by the Korean giant phone company thus so far. The best thing about this phone is that the size hasn’t changed much. It’s similar to the previous versions of the phones, i.e. 5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches, but this is by fractions of inches.

A noticable and nice change is the size of the screen has been increased. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a full HD 5-inch display making it way more attractive than the previous models. It gives you the same amount of pixels that you can see on a television set. It’s quite amazing to see.

But we can’t say that all the features of the phone are original. The phone has borrowed lots of features from other popular phones. You can see screens with the same resolution in HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. However, amazing Super AMOLED HD screen is really new thing in mobiles.

The processor of the phone is quite faster than almost all the phones of its class. The phone has excellent internal memory space. Besides, the option of expandable memory is always there. It supports 4G network which has become a must-have feature for today’s smartphone users.

The phone has been permeated with several software upgrades which have made it a better phone in many aspects. The camera is more powerful and communicating with your friends through social media has become easier. Also, Samsung has paid good attention to your health and equipped the phone with dedicated health related apps.

Before analyzing all the features of the phones, let’s discuss the design first. The thickness of the phone is less than half an inch and it’s very light to carry. It’s really got very cool looks. It goes in the favor of Galaxy S4 that it looks far better than its earlier models which used to look a bit cheap. The latest version looks really solid.

But we can’t say at all that the phone is having entirely different looks from Galaxy S3. S4 resembles its predecessor a lot. In fact these are so similar that people usually confuse between the two phones. The polycarbonate chassis is still there but now it comes with a battery cover which hides the battery and multimedia card slot.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Battery Cover

Well, it may look like S3 but the impeccable features offered by the phone make it a matchless phone. It would be sensible to compare it with high end smartphones like LG Optimus G instead of its own predecessors. The phone has many sensors above the screen for various tasks like a camera that tracks your eyes, a camera for HD video calls and much more.

Samsung Galaxy 4 Smartphone Camera

Obviously, S4 is a better choice to make when compared to S3, but there are many newer phones coming out on the market soon that are quite comparable.

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