Google Search Results Custom SEO Footprints & Shortcuts

Many of you may be asking what what a Footprint is and how it can benefit me. Well there are endless footprints, eBooks based on finding footprints, and just plain sloppy footprints.  It is vital for any SEO effort to make sure you are using the proper footprints that will find what you are looking … [Read more...]

Google Penguin Update April 24th 2012

Google has recently release a new algorithm change on April 24th, 2012 in an attempt to prevent webspam from flooding the first pages of Google's search results. This new algorithm change has affected many webmasters from various niches such as websites for veterinarians all the way to large scale … [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons of Google Instant for SEO

Google is always changing and this is why those in SEO (search engine optimisation) need to keep ahead of changes, or we can see our sites plummet in rankings overnight. Google Instant has been in operation for some time, and it is a feature of Google Search that allows Google to predict what you … [Read more...]

4 New Facebook Features to Understand

Facebook marketing is definitely here to stay. Facebook has passed 800 million users, according to their own calculations, and this being based on the people who have logged-in in the past 30 days. Facebook pages and profiles are going through major changes. If we are going to develop our personal … [Read more...]

Google Page Rank Update Last Night

It seems that last night on June 26, 2011 Google decided to update their Page Rank for many websites.  This can either mean positive results for many webmasters and can really negatively impact other webmasters in their quest to dominate the Big G.  Either way it is a sign that Google is looking at … [Read more...]

Google Updates Search Results Page

In case you have not noticed, today Google has changed the look and feel of its website.  the homepage buttons have a new, sleek feel to them.  The search box has  a shadowing effect now.  Even the top navigation options appear after the page has loaded.  This is to increase site speed, something … [Read more...]

Why Blogging is Important for Business Websites SEO Efforts

Blogging has become explosive in recent years and many people are confused as to what all the hype is. Blogging allows you to quickly relay your message to a captive audience. By speaking directly with your clients or customers, you are establishing a positive relationship with them. Rather than … [Read more...]

Why is Google Showing Website Breadcrumbs in Search Results URL?

If you have noticed some changes in the search engine results page, then you are not alone. Recently, Google, Yahoo, and Bing have continuously began to change the way the organic results appear. The latest change has been adding breadcrumbs, rather than the entire URL. What this means is that … [Read more...]

Robots.txt Meta Tag Versus X-Robots-Tag HTTP Header .htaccess

It has become common practice to implement robot.txt files to prevent the search engine spiders from crawling your webpage and having it show up in the search engine results page (SERP). Unfortunately, robots.txt does not prevent your site from showing up in the search engine results. That means … [Read more...]

What happened to the Organic Search Results in Google

If you have been searching through Google lately then you would have noticed that the search results have become cluttered with Google Advertisements instead of organic search results. This is not true for all searchers as this feature is still in the development stage, but every once in a while you … [Read more...]