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custom google search footprintsMany of you may be asking what what a Footprint is and how it can benefit me. Well there are endless footprints, eBooks based on finding footprints, and just plain sloppy footprints.  It is vital for any SEO effort to make sure you are using the proper footprints that will find what you are looking for while excluding the junk sites.  This can be a tedious process with a steep learning curve, but once you find some footprints that work you can reuse those with various keywords for different niches.  What is a god footprint for the search engines and how do you write them?  I will explain this in an easy to read format below.

What Are Custom Footprints?

Footprints are not just limited to Google’s search results, but can be used in most search engines; such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and others. Just type in your custom footprints and see what results you obtain. If there are not up to your standards then modify the footprint to make it work toy our liking.  A footprint is in essence a keyword so it is vital to have the correct keyword research.

Why Use Custom Footprints?

If you want to get inside information about your competitors or looking for ways to increase your inbound links through articles, press releases, networking, blogs, forums, directories, website analysis, and many other ways. The bad thing is many footprints steer you in the right direction, but are clutter with websites that have the footprint yet are irrelevant to what your seeking to accomplish. That is why when creating custom footprints for the search engines they must be precise and not miss anything important or have useless denominators. A good footprint means that you do not need to filter out any results as every site returned is exactly what your looking for.

Example Google Footprint

An example of an excellent footprint for google is to enter:
inurl:”http:// keyword .com/”

Replace keyword with your keyword or niche. What this footprint allows is for every website indexed by google that contains the keyword in the root domain will be displayed in the search results. This can be a gold mine when seeking out relevant sites for link exchanges. This is a powerful footprint to use and is just the beginning.

What is a a “Boolean Operator”

Boolean operators define the relationships between words or groups of words.  An excellent read on the “Boolean Operator” can be found on many places on the web.  The basic definition of a boolean operator is this:   Here are some popular ones:

Quotes are used to create an exact phrase match search result.  What this simply means is that if you search for “skateboard bearings hardware” then the results will have those two words skateboard coupons together somewhere on the page.

When using the word AND (must be in all caps), like this skateboard AND bearings will return search results that contain the word skateboard and the word bearings anywhere on the page, but not necessarily together.  In essence, the website has to have both of the keywords anywhere on the page.

The word OR (must be in all caps), like this skateboard OR bearings will return search results that have either the word skateboard or the word bearings or both on the webpage.

When the star symbol is used * it detonated as being a wildcard.  This is the most useful operator as it can mean just about anything.  For example, if you searched for “created on 2012-01-*” this will return pages that have had items created in either the month of January or the first day of any month of the year.

Note: Depending on how the Boolean Operator AND is used with the Keyword Field results may be slightly different.

Please share some custom footprints that you have created or ask any questions about creating your own custom footprint for the search engines.

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