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Social Media Strategies to Get More Followers on Twitter

Get Twitter FollowersOrganic Twitter Growth

Last Update Mar 27, 2020 @ 11:19 am

In this modern world, we all crave external validation. We want our Instagram pictures to be flooded with likes and our Tweets to be shared enormously. If you think this is something us millennials and the later generations are obsessed with, you are mistaken. Throughout the course of history, humans have sought validation from their fellows, though the methods have been different.

Nevertheless, Twitter is a great place to connect with people, seek validation, and expand your reach. However, for some people getting followers on Twitter is a difficult task. To be honest, there are numerous ways to boost your followers and reach on Twitter. Since most of the people are not aware, we came up with a comprehensive guide on all the social media strategies to get more followers.

Here is what you need to do:

Post Great Content

We live in the digital era of content creation. The internet has unlimited capabilities to entertain us. We can find memes, videos, songs, movies, and games on the internet.

However, you might have seen that pages or individuals with unique content get the most attention. If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you will not reach as many people as you would like.

Therefore, the first rule is plain and simple. Post great content. Make sure your content is unique and different from anybody else’s. Eventually, you will gain traction from the audience.

Stay Active

You do not have to be active 24/7 to get more followers on Twitter. All you need to do is make the most of your time while being active on the platform. Yes, you can schedule tweets but make sure your account does not look like it is being run by bots. Get in the trenches with all your followers by regular engagement.

You can do that by retweeting, tagging, and replying to their comments. Also, make sure your internet connection is up to speed, so you don’t miss out on any activity. Cox internet is a great option for social media fanatics, who want to score more followers.

Use Hashtags Frequently

Twitter hashtags are labels to help you find what you are looking for. You must use them correctly in your tweets. Hashtags are a good way to stay relevant. You can look up all the hashtags frequently used by people and you can jump on the bandwagon. Talking about anything popular is more than likely to get you, good followers, provided that the content is unique.

Increase the Frequency of Your Tweets

A social media analytics firm closely monitored more than 36 million Twitter profiles and found out the correlation between followers and frequency of tweets. Surprisingly, the results proved that you get more followers if you tweet more often. For users having 1 to 1,000 tweets, average followers ranged from 51 to 100. With users having more than 10,000 tweets had more than 5000 followers on average.

The reason is simple. Multiple tweets result in lots of activity. Therefore, the more active you are on social media, the more followers you will gain, and build connections.

Write a Catchy Bio and Get a Quirky Display Picture

Social media is just like a market where people or brands advertise their niche. Many brands and individuals differentiate themselves from others by developing a unique persona. Others just copy the existing ones and try to create living out of it.

Nevertheless, it is better to be original. Write a catchy bio that fits what you have to offer and get a quirky display to attract the audience. Your profile should convey your message, your story and your values perfectly, so at one glace, people can understand what you’re all about and start following you.

Promote Your Account Beyond Twitter

This is important for all those companies looking to expand their audience on twitter and have a considerable following on other platforms. You should create a passageway between your accounts, so traffic from other social media channels can flow into your Twitter and vice versa. This omnichannel approach will get you more followers.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, stay unique, natural, active, and express yourself well to build a base on Twitter.

Top Dos and Don’ts of Modern SEO

SEO Processes 2020

Ethical SEO Practices

Last Update Mar 19, 2020 @ 3:55 pm No matter what they say, getting the right SEO is an art! It’s dynamic, technical, and the cornerstone of digital growth. Even when you think you are doing everything right, a single move can push or pull you in the wrong direction. It may make you feel overwhelmed and ready to give up. But, hang in there! For SEO to work out with perfection, you need a massive chunk of resilience. Your portal will see the light of the day if you learn to weed out the potholes. Experts have pointed out hundreds of ways, but there is nothing fixed. No secrets. As Stoney deGeyter puts it, “You can’t just ‘SEO’ your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post.” Being stumped at one point in your endeavor doesn’t mean you have no scope in the area. Scan our list of do’s and don’ts to spot what you are doing wrong and how to resolve that.

DO: Use Unique, Fresh Content

If you update your platform with the latest content and better keywords, search engines will love you! Rather than talking about everything that others are discussing, explore new dimensions. Figure out the current issues your prospects are facing and shed light on their troubles. The quantity of indexed pages on your portal is of no value if the content on them doesn’t hold any meaning for the visitors. Google, the top-ranked search engine of now, will instantly devalue a page if the content is irrelevant, incorrect, or improper. One strategy to produce unique content is to integrate a blog on your website. Pick a relevant keyword for your industry and craft your whole post around it. This way, organic traffic on your portal will increase.

DO: Have Relevant Backlinks

Link building is a significant factor in determining how Google ranks a specific webpage. Remember, it is not the number of links you have that matters. But instead, the credibility of the links is essential. Even if you have as little as one or two connections, but if they lead to official websites, it will boost traffic. A recent study conducted by marketing firm Reboot showed a positive correlation between a web page’s outbound links and its rankings in search results. Google algorithms are always fluctuating. However, the importance of relevant backlinks continues to seep into modern SEO, too. Relevant links signal Google that your website is a quality resource worthy of citation. A piece of advice: do not jump into radical and manipulative ways for getting links on your site. Instead, engage in natural backlinks. Seek professional help where needed. For example, there are experts that aid in SEO for Assisted Living to get your community on the map. These strategies enable you to gain traction and be found by relevant customers.

DO: Use Social Media

If the content is the king, I believe, Social Media is the queen. Social media can play a substantial role in boosting traffic on your website. It makes your SEO practices effective and lucrative. But to burst a famous bubble here, social media does not help with rankings on a search engine. All the links you share on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will get you the exposure, but it won’t let Google prefer your website over others. Unless, of course, you know how to up your social game. An effective social media plan will have a solid SEO strategy in place, too. Even though not every one of your posts or tweets will help you crawl up the Google ladder, if it’s relevant enough, people will find it when they are searching for similar content. Imagine you created a compelling blog post and published it on Facebook. If it gets maximum attention on the portal, there is a strong likelihood that it will end up getting indexed quickly. Is your social media marketing failing? Find out the reasons here.

DON’T: Overuse Keywords

Indeed, search engines prefer content revolving around a singular subject. Yet, it doesn’t mean you can stuff in the same keywords on a single page. When you do this, the search engine doesn’t penalize you directly, but the bounce rate of your web will increase, and it results in a lower ranking. Website content should aim to serve and educate visitors. When you are solely writing for the search engines, you focus more on the keywords and tend to forget about the people who will be visiting your website. Google’s own Matt Cutts warned webmasters about SEO keyword stuffing and over-optimization. Hence, stuffing keywords is dangerous and can ruin your entire web design.

DON’T: Use Spammy Tricks

Link Schemes like buying backlinks, contributing to the link networks, and using hidden links are some shady ways of winning backlinks on your website. Modern search engines are highly intelligent. They can detect spammy tricks and actively penalize those who practice them. As Moz puts it hilariously, “SEO isn’t magic, so stop doing tricks!” Learn to earn the links rather than using black-hat SEO techniques. A few other spammy tricks people use are:
  • Doorway pages – they create low-quality websites only because they want to link it to their original site.
  • Duplicate content – they copy the content from other sources and do not make any efforts to craft their content.
  • Invisible text – they use the same font color as the background.

DON’T: Ignore Negative Reviews

If you respond well to every person visiting your website, the number of your followers will increase. Modern SEO pays great attention to the responsiveness of a webpage. And this means being equally responsive to the negative reviews too. The way you handle satisfied and unsatisfied customers improves your reputation, and people tend to visit more, improving your rank on the search engine.

Wrapping It Up

In the current SEO world, you need to be vigilant of your procedures all the time. Focus on the standards laid by Google and ensure you don’t violate any of the regulations they provide. Do not expect the traffic rolling in as soon as you step into the market. Patience is the key. Follow all the restrictions, recommendations, and update regularly. Eventually, your website will bring potential leads and high-quality traffic. What is your take on the dos and don’ts of modern SEO? We are eager to hear your opinions!

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