Yahoo! Enhanced Search Results using SearchMonkey

With more and more companies and people opting for Top SEO Package it seems as though the future of search engines will be evolving and trying to compete with the giant Google. Yahoo and Microsoft have tried to compete, but cannot achieve the market share that Google has gained. That is why MSN … [Read more...]

Microsoft and Yahoo Teaming to Create Mega Search Engine

It has taken quite a while, but finally the two search giants, Yahoo and Microsoft are partnering together in hopes of creating a mega search engine superior to that of the current market leader, Google. This is a 10 year deal in which Microsoft will have access to Yahoo search technologies, to … [Read more...]

Google Admits Page Rank is Inaccurate and Useless

It is often debated the accuracy and use of Google little green bar, infamously know as Page Rank. People constantly ask me and others the importance of Page Rank. We often give them the answer they do not want to hear, Page Rank is inaccurate and useless. Why would you judge the importance of a … [Read more...]