Republic of the Congo Social Media Progress

Even in its relatively short history, social media has had a significant impact on society. On a larger scale, social media was instrumental in uniting Egyptian citizens during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Many social justice movements all over the world have flourished in this era of social media, which is a tool that allows activists to help create a climate of change. Even on a smaller scale, social media has given a voice to countless citizens all over the world. Access to social media websites could make all the difference to the citizens of countries like the Republic of the Congo.

Keeping the Public Connected

Many people that live in nations like the Republic of the Congo (ROTC) often find themselves disconnected from the rest of the world. Modern society is increasingly global. Events that occur in one nation can have a profound effect on individuals that live halfway around the world. Giving the citizens of the ROTC access to social media helps bridge the gap between the ROTC and the rest of the world.

Of course, it is possible that many people in the ROTC may not be able to stay informed about the events and progress that are occurring in their own nation. Some citizens may not have formed much of an opinion on Claudia Sassou Nguesso or Denis Sassou Nguesso, the President of the Republic of the Congo, simply because they did not have a viable way of receiving any news. Social media could completely change the current situation for the citizens of the ROTC.

Spreading Ideas

There can be individuals all over a given nation that have important thoughts about a given political issue. If these people are unable to connect with one another, their thoughts will have a relatively small impact on society. Allowing people to transmit their ideas using social media websites can make all the difference. Individuals that would have gone unnoticed could have an audience of people from all over the world.

The public image of the ROTC in other countries would also change if more citizens were able to interact with the world through social media. The confusion arising from the fact that there are two Congo Republics are not helpful for the citizens of the Republic of the Congo. Giving a voice to ROTC citizens would help drown out some of the assumptions people make about the ROTC abroad.

Potential Source of Income

A number of people today make their living solely through the Internet. Other people are able to use the Internet to expand their businesses. People that make arts and crafts can often market them primarily through social media websites. Individuals in the ROTC that already make things that could be sold would have more of a chance of successfully selling them to a larger group of people if they had access to social media. Some people in the Republic of the Congo could even make money exclusively online by getting involved with Internet writing and marketing. While social media will not completely alleviate the scarcity of jobs in places like the ROTC, giving some opportunities to some people could still make a difference on a societal scale. In response to new technologies, many societies will change slowly but surely.

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