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As a social media marketer, one of your prime goals would be to know how to use the various tools at their full potential. If you are aware of the features each has you will be able to make best use of your time and money.

Lately, Google+ has begin to gain notability in the social media realm of Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, Instagram, etc. It is filled with robust characteristics and sharing capabilities making it into a popular social network. There are fun features like rich snippets, the ability to edit images, and a world of other features that can make your post standout from the crowd. Below are the important features you should know about with Google Plus.

Close Analysis

A close analysis reveals that Google Plus is an ideal tool to use when posting content in the web. Google+ is very easy to use and navigate through and is simple to understand.

Sharing of Information

The notification section can be broken down into four parts , each with its own unique use:

1) Public: This refers to anyone who on Google Plus. You can share any post with anyone and/or with the general public.
2) Your circles: This part allows you to share posts to anyone within your circle. It is advisable to use this function wisely as a single post may not really add any value to your circles.
3) Specific circle: You have the flexibility to group your prospects or member into a specific circle and target the person or group while sharing content. This way you can share valuable information to a specific target.
4) Specific person: This part gives you the 1:1 flavor. In other words you can share information on a to a single person.

Messaging Followers

Google Plus allows you to send messages up to max 100 followers via email. It is advisable to use this feature with discretion and to use only if you need to share important information or high value posts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to expedite navigation and bring into best usage of Google plus by saving time then this tool offers you keyboard shortcuts. You can use these shortcuts to scroll up a page, scroll down or go to the start or end of a comment. Here are all the Google Plus keyboard shortcuts currently available:

@ Send feedback to Google
/ Select the search box at the top of the page
← Navigate to the icons on the left (such as Home or Photos)
Scroll between icons with the ↑ and ↓ keys
Press enter to open the selected page
→ Navigate from the icons on the left side to the main page
Scroll the main page with the ↑ and ↓ keys
j Move down in the stream
k Move up in the stream
l Load new posts
n Move to the next comment on the current post
p Move to the previous comment on current post
r Comment on the current post
? Open the full list of keyboard shortcuts

Styled Text

Another great feature of Google Plus is that it allows you to customize the style text used. Make text more impactful by giving it bold, italic or strike-through effects. Bold can be best used if you want to highlight anything, italics can offer a clean professional look while strike-through can indicate an update or correction.

Rich Snippet

This feature offers you to enhance the look and feel of your post by adding a rich snippet. You can choose a unique snippet image from the given available options and offer a more exclusive favor to your presence on Google Plus.


Google plus offers the option to add a full bleed images that can perfectly fit into the given space and enhance the overall look and feel of your post. There is a defined ratio for an image to be positioned within the post and any image that exceeds the given ration will be sized up by default to fit perfectlt.

You also have the option to edit a photo like for instance tagging people within the circle and rotating the image. Google plus also provides the option to add text as best suited for the image.


Hasthtags are no longer just limited to Twitter! You can use the same concept on Google Plus as well.


With the growing demand and usage of social media websites like Google Plus need to offer a wide range of user friendly options. What feature do you want to see integrated in Google Plus?

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