Heading Tags HTML can be in any order – H1 H2 H3 H4

About Heading Tags:

Heading tags are used to organize a webpage like a newspaper. Newspapers have titles that stand out and are eye catching enticing the reader to stop and read the story. Webpage’s can be organized in the same way using the header tags. The header 1 tag is more important than the header 2 tag and so on. Use the h1 tag for your most important title on a specific page on your website. Important subtitles can use header 2 and header 3 tags.

Many websites take advantage of the heading tags h1, h2, h3, etc. are doing more than is necessary for search engine optimization.

Google said that the order of the header tags does not matter as long as they are relevant and used accordingly. This means a header 2 tag can come before a header 1 tag. This is strange and would look weird in coding. It is not suggested to do so, unless there is a good reason to. The tags should go in ascending order of importance.

Some things to avoid with header Tags:

Do not make your entire page a h1 tag. This is considered black hat SEO and can negatively impact your website if the search engines are alerted.

Do not not use heading tags. Always take advantage of header 1 and header 2 tags (header 3 and header 4 if necessary) as they help organize your content in an easy to read manner for the search engine spiders.

DO not overuse header tags. Use them appropriately and necessary when they will help out the website browser.

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