Google Glass Project: What You Need to Know

Google Glass

Google Glass

For those who don’t know what all this talk about Google Glass is about, here they are. You will find them to be the coolest of cool features you will not like to let go.

You can Record Videos, Shoot Pictures and Make it Respond to Voice Commands

If you want to take pictures or shoot videos the only little thing you have to do is talk it out to your device and Google Glass will start working on your commands. This will particularly be helpful when you are driving your car or when not inclined to use the touch screen. Google Glass also has a 4 GB flash memory into which you can store you photos, video clips and send it your account in social media. Google Glass is also capable of sending email with the photos attached and that too by voice commands.

Your Questions Will Be Answered, If there isn’t any Answer Google Glass will Find One for You

You will no longer have to type in the words and wait for answer. All that you need to get your question answered is to ask Google Glass. If for example you want to know the best restaurant in New York, all that you have to ask is, Show me the best Chinese restaurant and there they will be before you. Likewise you can ask for the best photos of your actor or actress and Google Glass fetch them for you. This function is also available on Android OS driven smart phones too.

Using the Internet can Get Lot Easy with Google Glass

Your Google Glass is capable of syncing with the internet automatically without your even knowing about it. If you have a special eyewear you can use it with the speaker and other devices and you can straight away surf the internet. It is an easy way out and nothing will miss your eyes. It is sort of like the monitor traveling to your eyes, rather than the other way round.

Translation and Finding Your Way Around in Foreign Countries

With Google Glass you can be sure about find your way around the world. If you are held up somewhere in a foreign country and you don’t see anyone to ask for directions, all that you have to do is take a snap of the some indicator around, a name indicator perhaps and send it straight to Google. Google’s computers will instantly process the image you sent them and give you the translated version of the indicator. Of course that presumes the information you want is already in Google’s computer. However, Google will never say, I don’t you will still get some information to wade through. However, don’t expect that to happen in mid sea. Google Glass needs to have some prior data.

Google Glass Will Help You Share Videos with Your Family

If you have just see something very strange or something very interesting and you want share it with you family back at home, Google Glass will help you do that instantly. Suppose you are in a restaurant in California and your son or daughter wants to see the dish you are eating, all that you need to do is use Google Glass, and moments your family will be able to see them. Of course, Google Glass will not be able to take the dish to your family. Let’s see if Google Glass will bring that too, if not now at least sometime in the future.

If Your Too Busy to Track Your Habits, Leave it to Google Glass will Do it For You

Inside the Google Glass there is video recorder that will record every movement you make. That means it will keep a tab on the time you wake up, went to exercise, eat your breakfast, the car you took to office, the lunch you eat and even the little things like the small nap you took at noon. It will help you change your habits for good. That means you will get the opportunity to save time and concentrate on core activities. It is kind of a 24-hour monitor at your beck and call. Never again you will forget your morning exercise or those pleasant movements you experienced in your neighborhood park.

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