Oh the Places They Will Go: Facebook Considers Revisions to Its Privacy Policy Again

Facebook is considering making changes to its Privacy Policy and Statement of Rights once again but this time is asking for feedback from users to ensure the smooth reception of the updates.

Changes include:

• Location sharing.
• New language related to sharing.
• A breakdown of the “Everyone” setting.
• Information on controlling the data being shared with third parties.

Those unfamiliar with the social media site are unaware of the stir the last revision of the Privacy Policy caused. In a Press Release dated December 9, 2009, Facebook Vice President of Communications, Public Policy and Marketing, Elliot Schrage, stated: “We’ve always designed Facebook to enable people to control what information they share with whom—it’s the reason our service continues to attract such a broad and diverse group of users from around the world. We’re proud of the latest evolution we’re announcing today and we will continue to innovate to serve users’ changing needs.”

In addition to giving users more control over each setting, Facebook is also implementing a tool that assists users in learning more about protecting their private information. The “Learn More” link located inside the Transition Tool leads users to the new and improved Privacy Center where they can read about Facebook’s principles of user control and related features.

New users are given opportunities to learn Facebook inside and out through its New User Guide which speaks heavily about privacy and includes a link to the Privacy Center. Minors who use the site and select “Everyone” as a profile setting will be visible to his or her “Friends,” “Friends of Friends,” and to the school and work networks that he or she has joined. This protects youth from predators that are sometimes associated with social media networking.

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