How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Posts

drive traffic to website blog posts
Most people promote their content using the three major platforms of social media, namely, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin. These are the most popular social networking sites that attract the highest number of users. However, you may not be able to drive sufficient traffic to your blog if you happen to just use these traditional forms of social media networks.

Sharing content with niche social media platforms

You need to share content on all kinds of social media networks. There are few social media networks where your content will have less competition from viewers. This would help you in getting the required traffic and audience to your blog.

Some of the niche social media platforms for sharing your content include, Tumblr, and Empire Avenue. is a social media platform that was built by two people who previously worked with Facebook. Pinterest is another social media platform where you can post your content and attract visitors to pin your post. An interesting image, appropriate title, keywords and hashtags will help you in increasing the number of pins to your post.

Using Audio and Video Teaser App on your Smartphones

Its not just sufficient to share your blog posts through different social media platforms. There are different creative ways through which one can promote content in the form of images, audio and video. Dubbler is a leading app that is available on iPhone and Android devices. In this app, you can create an audio recording of 60 seconds and then share it with people across different platforms. You can drive organic traffic to your blog through Instagram, which is a leading image sharing site that attracts approximately 100 million consumers.

You can create a video teaser of 6 seconds through the iPhone app. These video teasers serve as excellent tools in creating valuable blog posts. SlideShare is one of the most important platforms for sharing content among business community. This site attracts approximately 51.6 million users every month.  Thus, your business presentations gain greater visibility and status when you share them across this site.

Finally, you need to gauge the kind of audience that you want to attract with your content. So, we would recommend that you create content that is innovative, informative, and creative when it is read by audience associated with academia. If you are creating content that is meant for youngsters, we would recommend that you use a vocabulary that is simple and lucid.

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