New Google Analytics Tools For Growing Businesses

New Google Analytics Tools For Growing BusinessesGoogle Analytics has come up with several new features which can be effectively used for promoting and growing your business.

New Google Analytics Reports

According to the new changes introduced in Google’s algorithm, you can no longer see the Traffic Sources and Content feature in your Google Analytics account. This has been replaced with Acquisition and Behavior feature.

The Acquisition section is defined with two views: Overview and Channels. In the Overview section, you will come across Analytics ABC data that is originating from various sources. This would include top channels (Direct, Organic), social media platforms (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter) and media (Organic, Referral, and Email).

The Overview section will include channels that are visited utmost number of times by visitors. The report also shows the channels bringing the maximum number of engaged visitors. Moreover, you also get to see channels bringing in maximum visitors that are converted customers.

The Acquisition section would include the specific channels from which traffic is generated. Thus, you can track different sources of media in a consolidated form. Are you unhappy with default channel groupings? Then, you can easily change them and include conventional sources of traffic targeting various groups.

The social section will include new Trackbacks report, which displays the back links along with landing pages that are linked with your business website.

Analytics ABC of Google Analytics

Analytics ABC is another significant feature that is included in Google Analytics. This new feature presents data of different groups based on the following parameters: acquisition, user behaviour, and conversions. Thanks to this new feature, you would see information pertaining with the behaviour of visitors on any particular website, and carry out content marketing according to that. It also segregates the visitors into four classes: loyal readers, engaged visitors, email subscribers, and customers.

Analytics ABC is present under Acquisition section of the Overview report. This tool is also present in other sections of the report, namely location, demographics, and landing pages. One of the biggest outcomes of this report is that you get a comprehensive summary of conversion data.

Better User Education

Google Analytics has also introduced better educational resources along with radical changes in the interface. Now, you can watch the walkthrough videos to know more about these tools. Moreover, they have also introduced Analytics Academy and the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course. This course provides comprehensive knowledge to marketers and business owners, thereby enabling them to get a firm grasp of business analytics.

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