Social Media Networking For Pets: Have Businesses Successfully Tapped This Market?

Animal lovers of the world unite! Applications like Dogbook, and websites Catster and Dogster , connect precious pooches and finicky felines with other pets online with the help of social networking. In addition to providing helpful information and advice like how to purchase cbd oil for dogs, the … [Read more...]

Is Twitter the Best Social Marketing Tool?

I recently ran across an interesting graphic about the habits and demographics of Twitter users. This graphic revealed several interesting facts such as Females use Twitter more than males, the most pertinent information for those using social media as a marketing tool revolves around the numbers on … [Read more...]

Google Buzz is Social Media…Competition for Twitter?

Yet again, Goole has released another Beta program out of the hands of a a select few gmail users accounts.  On Tuesday February 9th, 2010 Google released Buzz to ALL gmail account holders.  What is Google Buzz and what is it all about?  Why do the major social media sites have to worry? Well, it … [Read more...]