“The Game” Tweets Cause Problems For Compton Sheriff

The internet and social media websites like Twitter and Facebook are well known as a form a free promotion. There are daily contest and giveaways open to those who choose to follow their favorite artist and actors. With so many people using Twitter for promotion it is hard to be noticed unless you do something well thought out and original. There is a blurred line that is easily crossed in promotion but when Compton, California rapper “The Game” directly attacked the Compton Sheriffs Department they play took it personally.

Jayceon Terrell “The Game” Taylor is under heavy scrutiny because of something he said he didn’t have any part of. A tweet was sent from his Twitter account letting his 580,000 followers know that they could call a certain number for information about a chance to intern for him. Too bad that number led them directly to The Compton Sheriffs Department. Supposedly his Twitter account was hacked and that led to the Compton Sheriffs Station being the butt of the joke. The mass amount of calls in short amount of time took the Sheriffs Department by surprise and forced them to put extra officers on the phone lines to pick through real emergencies and those looking for a chance to intern with The Game.

Once The Game learned the seriousness of the situation he responded by saying “It wasn’t me (shaggy voice).” “@wackstar hacked my Twitter earlier. Arrest him police. He is to blame #TellinOnyouDemetrius” Sheriff Capt. Mike Parker spoke to the LA Times and let it be known that he personally tweeted at The Game to call this off. It is almost funny how something this silly can get media attention as if it were a murder. Most of the time The Sheriffs Department is playing the tough guy role but this time they playing the victim.

The LAPD is definitely not happy with the situation or The Games lack of sympathy for tying up Police Department phone lines. The officers are well trained with AR-15 Rifle but are still figuring out the best way to deal with social media problems.  Sheriffs Department Representatives have let it be known that they are going to seek out the person behind the tweet and possibly file obstruction charges. The Game took to his twitter and spoke up against The Sheriffs Department saying, “Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders ! Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job !!!! #iSpeak4ThePeopl e”.

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