White Label SEO: Why is it so Hard to Outsource?

What exactly is White Label SEO? For a term with the word “White” in it, there sure seems to be a large grey area of what it actually is.

Basically the answer can probably, though not indefinitely, be summed up by the answer to the question: “Will Google find what I am doing as something that is manipulative to the search engine?”

If the answer is yes, then you are probably not performing white hat techniques.

Another way to look at it is: “Do my techniques resemble SPAM?” The closer you can get to the answer “no” the closer you are to White Label SEO.

White Label SEO techniques which includes how GMB SEO can grow your business are those that most resemble natural linking. They are the techniques that last the longest and get you the most results over the long term. They are also the type of techniques that seem to outlast Google algorithm updates like the one that happened about a month from when this article was posted – the Panda update.

They are also the techniques that can cost a business owner the most money. Getting quality links is not easy – and there is a difference between a quality link and a link that will appear in the “LD” header of the SEO quake toolbar.

Building Links VS Link Building

Before Google recognized links as a valid way to rank websites, the SEO pioneers were still doing it. This is because it was a valuable way to gain traffic – a unique and highly valuable promotional tool. In today’s world, many links are built not to gain traffic, but to increase the chance of ranking in the top of the SERPs. This changes the way and reason links are built and refers to “link building” rather than “building links.” You can also view the website to get help with your link building.

Scale: An Issue for White Label SEO

Scaling up white label services is very hard to do. This is because reducing quality always takes place as scale gets higher and higher in the SEO world. Another reason is because there are so many variables that go into each link that is built.

Unlike other types of link building, white label link building involves working with other people – usually webmasters, editors, and web site owners – and not machines or software. Because of this, building one link can take up to a month as ideas have to arise and be mulled over, and communicating with each other while satisfying the needs of both parties can take a while.

Quality, picking your spots, price points, and scalability are all reasons white hat SEO is hard to outsource. Each situation is unique and because of that it is something that you can’t just “put on the assembly line” and expect to get good results out of.

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