How Banksy T-Shirts Spread the Social Message

Banksy is a well known English graffiti artist, painter, film director, and a political activist. He has done a lot of work based on social commentary combined with dark humor. You can see a large collection of his artistic work on walls, bridges, and streets of different cities over the world.

By transforming his views about various social issues into public artwork, he has used a combination of his style and wit to reach to a large number of people. He has many fans now, each one of them willing to support his views. To value the popularity of Banksy’s designs, there are numerous online stores that sell t-shirts with Banksy’s designs printed on them and this provides many options when you’re dressing up. Obviously, it is something worth complimenting for the fans.

Have a look below to see some of the most popular designs of Banksy that people like to have on their t-shirts:

Stained Glass Window

Banksy worked on a magnificent piece of glass window that was presented as the main attraction of a US museum. Obviously, it is not possible for Banksy’s fans to take his artwork home for decoration. However, you can still possess it by wearing a t-shirt with the same printed design of the artwork.

Bomb Hugger

As the name suggests, Banksy came up with an artistic design in which a girl is hugging a bomb. The design grew in popularity so much that it was sold for more than £30,000. Pictures on Walls released this print as limited edition. There are only 150 pieces that have been signed by Banksy. However, Banksy fans can wear a t-shirt with the same design in different customized colors.


In 2010, Banksy came up with a unique artwork in Torquay. The idea lies behind the passion for technology amongst the younger generation. This artwork shows that a little boy is wearing a cardboard box on his head. In this design, he pretends to be a robot, drawing a large robot on the wall. If you want to wear something colorful, you can choose that too with the same design.

Heavy Weaponry

Banksy stenciled his artwork of heavy weaponry on the bridge of Shoreditch Railway. His work shows an elephant carrying a missile that was strapped on its back. People liked Banksy’s paintings and asked him if they could buy them. Banksy said that he would accept email orders for this. His fans can wear the same artwork in the form of a multicolored t-shirt.

“Keep It Real” Monkey

This piece of design by Banksy is simple yet artistic and understandable to audiences. In this artwork, Banksy drew a monkey wearing a shirt with the text “Keep it real”. You can find this design in Ravencroft Road of London. However, you can still get it easily in the form of Banksy T shirts. T-shirts with this artwork have a variety of 6 colors. This includes blue, gold, and green.


This is one of the most desired and celebrated artworks of Banksy. The design depicts a panda slinging guns. There is a lot of confusion what message Banksy wants to convey to his fans. However, many of them say that Banksy’s Panda t-shirts represent opposing views about racism. The black and white color of Panda justifies it well. It is a suitable t-shirt design for those who are passionate about eliminating racism from the world.

Paranoid Pictures

As a film director, Banksy came up with a film, “Exit through the Gift Shop”, in which he used a paranoid logo. With the growing popularity of the film, his fans wanted it printed on their t-shirts. The logo of Paranoid Pictures is one of the stencils of Banksy.

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