57th Presidential Inauguration & Social Media

57th Presidential Inauguration

57th Presidential Inauguration

If you watched the 57th Presidential Inauguration the other day you were treated to multiple performances from some of music’s brightest stars on a historical day which was capped off by the Commander and Chief giving his second and final Inaugural speech to an estimated 800,000 onlookers. On a day filled with notable performances, speeches and events, what you may not have noticed during this event may be causing more a social media flurry than anything the performers or President Obama did that day. A still shot taken of Rep. Peter King using his iphone to snap a picture of freshly sworn in President Barak Obama’s close buddies and hiphop royalty Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Rep. Peter King, the same Peter King that called out the media for its constant coverage of Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, sent Twitter and Instagram into “retweet” and “like” overload by being photographed vying for a picture of the entertainment power couple while standing shoulder to shoulder with several press outlets. In this already famous photo, the no nonsense GOP attempting to snap cell phone picture of the couple walking out onto the Inaugural Blue Carpet.  As the tweets continue to roll in viewers from all over the world; the government, celebrities, and the general public are all weighing in and making this trending photo go viral across all major social media platforms.

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