Simple PhotoTools used for creating visuals on social media

Social Media Photo ToolsThe content on social media platforms cannot come alive without appropriate photo images. Do you find the use of Photoshop irksome? There are quite a few tools for creating appealing graphics on social media platforms. Some of the tools for creating visuals are as follows:

PickMonkey’s Online Photo Editor: This is an invaluable tool that can transform ordinary images to glorious ones. There is a free option present on PicMonkey, which enables you to select and modify images. Thus, you may make use of numerous painting frames, special effects, and different fonts to modify the images. Only by clicking a button, you may adjust your photos through cropping and resizing. Thereafter,you can also add appropriate text to describe the images.

PicMonkey is described as the best tools for creating riveting images on social media platforms. You can embellish your Facebook posts with creative graphics. You can also create beautiful banners and buttons for embellishing your Facebook accounts.

LiveLuvCreate Photos: This is a website used to create images and it is free for use. There are numerous design layouts in LiveLuvCreate platform. You can make use of numerous graphics available on this platform. You can also select three text areas, which contain different kinds of fonts, colors, and styles. One may also enhance images by selecting appropriate borders, filters, and photo effects.

CanVa Designs: This is a free application that can be conveniently used for creating different kinds of graphics. These graphics could be used for embellishing presentations, posters, business cards, and invitations. The cover photos and images on Facebook and blogs can be easily designed using Canva.

Paint.NET: You can also make use of Paint.NET to enhance the gloss of images. Paint.NET can be easily downloaded from any computer. In fact, it has the same functional capacity as PhotoShop. Paint.NET can also be used to draw shapes and enhance the images.

PowerPoint: It may sound hilarious but PowerPoint can be conveniently used for creating images on social media platforms. The slides present on PowerPoint can be saved either in JPEG or PNG formats. Are you an expert in using PowerPoint? Then, you can certainly make use of your prowess to create images on social media.

PicCollage: Sanpshots can be created and displayed through PicCollage. This is an application that is available on most smartphone devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. After downloading the application from the smartphone, you may make use of photos present on Facebook to create a collage of snaps. These images can be resized, rotated, and edited through PicCollage. This is perfect for a jewelry or nanny service website to showcase their products.

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