Social Media Optimization (SMO): Be Real, Social Media Doesn’t Reward Fakes

Social Media Optimization Social media optimization or call it SMO is a new addition or another chapter under the field of SEO. Search engine optimization happens to be a tool of increasing the search engine results and website’s performance. The SMO on the other hand is the same principal applied to make your website visible over the various social media sites. It incorporates number of strategies of driving traffic towards your website using social media, since search engines are not the only one to do this job. So in the industry of SEO, SMO has emerged as a new buzzword which is gaining popularity, thanks to the massive number of users over the social media. The following are the ways you utilize the concept of SMO to drive more traffic towards your website:

Play a part – Participate: You can participate by joining the conversation, remember social media is a two way track; hence you need to be the part of the discussion with a number of communities. In this way you create your own awareness and prolong your buzz. When you keep this going for long, it will certainly create a long lasting impact. By participating you can help the message spread further and faster.

Understand the way you target your audience: Make sure you know and understand your target audience the best. Though you may want everyone using your product or services, however, you need to be realistic. There could be limited number of people or class who would be relevant to your products and not all. This is your target audience whom you need to appeal, so better understand them the best and attract them towards yourself in an innovative fashion.

Create Content: There is specific kind of content which spread socially in a natural way, regardless of the industry or product you represent. You can therefore create contents even for the products which seem quiet boring and it will work for you. So you can do anything right from widgets creation, writing whitepaper, making people smile and laugh etc. can be done. You just have to understand the kind of content which will work for you, after this you can create them.

Be real: The social media communities do not reward fakers. So the information or content you create must be real rather being based on hype or myths. Though the concept of SMO is becoming popular that doesn’t mean you avoid the old SEO. Remember, Google and Yahoo still pull large number of people or traffic using the same SEO thing, so don’t think of avoiding it. You just have to use the upcoming trends but not ignoring the previous which is still relevant.

SMO still seems to be in its nascent stage, there are number of more things awaiting to explore and tried upon. It’s just the beginning of the concept called social media optimization, which seems to be working since a huge amount of users exist over the popular networking sites like the Facebook or Twitter. Hence while optimizing your website, make sure you utilize this idea by being real along with trying the old concept of SEO. After all SMO is very much the part of SEO.

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