Microsoft and Yahoo Teaming to Create Mega Search Engine

It has taken quite a while, but finally the two search giants, Yahoo and Microsoft are partnering together in hopes of creating a mega search engine superior to that of the current market leader, Google. This is a 10 year deal in which Microsoft will have access to Yahoo search technologies, to … [Read more...]

Mocrosofts New Bing Search Engine

Microsoft has recently released its brand new search engine in hopes f competing with the monster, Google. There has been major TV advertising and marketing in place to get people interested, but will it be enough? Currently there is the new screen interface that is not as simple as Google, but not … [Read more...]

Hyphens vs. Underscores for Keywords in URL

There has been the question as to whether or not hyphens or underscores are better for search engine optimization. Hyphens are easier for human eyes to read. When doing a search in Google for the keyword “starting business” with hyphens and underscores the results varied. With the hyphen the two … [Read more...]