“The Game” Tweets Cause Problems For Compton Sheriff

The internet and social media websites like Twitter and Facebook are well known as a form a free promotion. There are daily contest and giveaways open to those who choose to follow their favorite artist and actors. With so many people using Twitter for promotion it is hard to be noticed unless you … [Read more...]

7 Techniques for Search Engine Optimized URL Structures

URL structure plays an important role. It’s a foundation which needs to be done correctly. Here are some vital tips to optimize your URL structure. 1) Simplicity and Position: Words closer to the domain have higher value and receive more weight age by Google’s crawlers. Therefore, keywords should … [Read more...]

Social Networking – An Excellent Way of Internet Marketing

We have been hearing a lot about social media these days. What is social media? It is a medium for people to express their thought and share it with others using the same platform. This includes the blogs, social networking sites like orkut, twitter, facebook etc., youtube and all other mediums to … [Read more...]

Facebook Has More Traffic than Google Search!

This is something very interesting to take not of. Today for the first time in years, Google has dropped from the number one most searched site in the world to the second most searched site in the world. What does this mean for Google and what do they plan to do about it? Only time can tell. So far … [Read more...]

Google Admits Page Rank is Inaccurate and Useless

It is often debated the accuracy and use of Google little green bar, infamously know as Page Rank. People constantly ask me and others the importance of Page Rank. We often give them the answer they do not want to hear, Page Rank is inaccurate and useless. Why would you judge the importance of a … [Read more...]