How Will Google Plus Impact The Search Engine Results Page Rank?

The future of business is social - Barry Libert, Social Nation Launched in September 2010, Google Plus is Google's fourth product in the social networking arena. With its integration of Google Buzz and Google Profiles, and introduction of services including Circles and Hangouts, Google Plus … [Read more...]

Google Plus – The New Social Media Marketing Breakthrough

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6 Smart New Facebook Features

Some new features have been added to the popular social media marketing and networking website Facebook. Some of these features have been incorporated, keeping in mind the growing importance of Social Media Marketing (SEM). Anyways, these latest features are likely to bring in fundamental changes … [Read more...]

Internet marketing For Online Business

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8 SEO Tips to Increase Online Exposure

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Microsoft Has A Social Media Secret Accidently Released — Bosmol – Social Media & Web 2.0 Internet Marketing News

Bill gates and his Microsoft brand have held a top spot in technology for a very long time. If you thought Microsoft had no plans for a social media network, new rumors would say you are wrong. The game changing innovation that Microsoft brings to the table is something like a having Micheal Jordan … [Read more...]

Social Networking: The Softer Side of the Hard Sale

Popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn have spread like wildfire over the last few years. There are millions of individuals currently using these social media sites and these sites are growing in popularity more and more every day. People are not only using … [Read more...]

Social Media Networking For Pets: Have Businesses Successfully Tapped This Market?

Animal lovers of the world unite! Applications like Dogbook, and websites Catster and Dogster , connect precious pooches and finicky felines with other pets online with the help of social networking. In addition to providing helpful information and advice like how to purchase cbd oil for dogs, the … [Read more...]

HootSuite a Popular Social Media Tool Teams Up with Foursquare and MySpace This Week

Earlier this week, March 8th, the extremely popular and useful social media tool, HootSuite has decided to integrate MySpace and Foursquare this week. HootSuite was initially launched as a Twitter application and has quickly gworn due to its ease of use, sleek interface, and customization.  It is a … [Read more...]