Facebook Employs Hackers To Solve Security Issues

Facebook is encouraging computer specialists to investigate its security systems, to identify the potential risks of hacking into their system. The company has offered a reward of $500 for those who manage to come up with a breakthrough and will be honored by having their name registered in the … [Read more...]

Twitter SPAM Software In Trouble

Twitter is fed up with spam and wants to send a strong message to those violating their terms with the assistance of law enforcement.  Last week on Thursday, Twitter officially filed a suit aimed at five internet marketing tools and providers that supposedly make it easier to spam other users on … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Increasing Vulnerability

Facebook has taken a lot of flak over the years for its ever-changing privacy and security policies. The popular social network originated as a way for college kids to connect. As the website grew and accumulated millions of users—and advertisers—developers had an opportunity to expand its original … [Read more...]