Facebook Buys Instagram For 1 Billion Dollars

Facebook has big plans and hopes to settle a deal with the photo sharing website, Instagram, by the end of June this year.  Facebook has offered to purchase the software company Instagram for a hefty bid of $1 billion.  This will be the largest acquisition by the social networking giant … [Read more...]

The SEO Benefits of Using Pinterest

If you choose to have an account and begin utilizing Pinterest, it’s a smart idea to seek assistance from expert at this SEO Company Charleston SC and to include Pinterest control keys at your website especially for advanced SEO. Because social indicators have become progressively essential for … [Read more...]

Alt Tags and Title Tags for SEO…What is the difference

Alt Tags (alt="") Anchor tags are important for receiving link juice and build your search engine rankings. Without the proper anchor tags; your links will not be as valuable as they can be. Proper keyword research and strategically placing these keywords in the link text is a valuable SEO … [Read more...]