Maximize Title and Description Tags to Increase Search Engine Click Through Rates

Google has been using snippets automatically generated from websites to show as instead of the Meta description. Only until recently, the last few years, have Google and the other search engines began to recognize the use of custom generated Meta tags that webmasters have inserted into the HTML code … [Read more...]

Heading Tags HTML can be in any order – H1 H2 H3 H4

About Heading Tags: Heading tags are used to organize a webpage like a newspaper. Newspapers have titles that stand out and are eye catching enticing the reader to stop and read the story. Webpage's can be organized in the same way using the header tags. The header 1 tag is more important than the … [Read more...]

W3C Validator not used in Google Search Engine Ranking Factors says Matt Cutts

There have been many arguments as to whether or not Google search engine ranking factors look for a clean code in a website. The W3C Schools have brought forth a very popular and widely used tool, called the W3C Validation and the CSS Validation. Basically, both these tools look at your HTML and CSS … [Read more...]

Do Follow Blog Comments for Everyone

Changing your blog from nofollow to do follow can have a significant influence on the amount of traffic you receive. I recently switched my Blogger Account from NoFollow comments to Do follow comments. Wordpress makes a widget you install to change the nofollow to follow. It is as easy as that. It … [Read more...]