Digital Marketing Fundamental Strategies: Social Media is Key

While content is King, it has to be joined with other strategies to form an entire advertising package. RetargetingBy examining the visitors who didn't convert, an organization can retarget specific traffic and promote the brand to all those individuals. This really is useful for landing pages or … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Internet 2.0 Marketing

Internet marketing, otherwise known as digital marketing, e-marketing, and web marketing, refers to the wide-ranging marketing of products or services through the use of the Worldwide Web. It is commonly abbreviated as iMarketing, and it is generally regarded as a branch of marketing that involves a … [Read more...]

How to Approach Different Cultures via Social Media

Since the introduction of Facebook seven years ago, the phenomenal world of major social networking sites has attracted millions of people across the globe. Given the success of Facebook and Twitter, which has been in existence a mere five years, it’s somewhat surprising that there was ever a time … [Read more...]