Fake Facebook Likes Are Killing Social Media

There will always be some people in any system that will try to game that system and ruin it for everybody else, half the time without really gaining anything for themselves in the long run, though some companies can profit in the short term. But in the end, it will always fall apart and the … [Read more...]

Finding Criminals Using Social Media

Add New With social media and online sharing, you can connect with almost anyone and research anything nearly instantly. Social media makes personal data more readily available, and this can prevent criminals from remaining hidden as easily as in the past. Finding criminals with social media can be … [Read more...]

Is Your Privacy is Being Breached Via Social Media

Social media, Facebook and Twitter marketing have become important tools for business and individuals alike. Anyone who is serious about their career will be using these websites and social networks to increase the amount of people they reach, and to increase the amount of exposure they have in the … [Read more...]