How to Use Pinterest to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

A relative newcomer on the social media scene, Pinterest has captured the imaginations of millions of users to become one of the fastest-growing networks around. Savvy site owners can translate this popularity into a boost for their page rankings. Introduction Social media has become a driving … [Read more...]

Google Algorithm Changes In 2012 – How It Affects The Search Results

Every year, Google changes the search algorithm more than hundred times. Most of these changes are minor but in 2012, Google has come out with some major changes in the search algorithm which has affected the search results in significant ways. Two major updates that were released by Google were … [Read more...]

Why Negative SEO Shouldn’t Work, and Why It Could

The latest shakeup in the SEO world was ushered in when Google debuted their Penguin update this spring. Alongside the continuously evolving Panda algorithm, it's certainly stirred the pot in recent months. SEOs are now having to work smarter and harder than ever to maintain top SERPs rankings for … [Read more...]

Facebook Employs Hackers To Solve Security Issues

Facebook is encouraging computer specialists to investigate its security systems, to identify the potential risks of hacking into their system. The company has offered a reward of $500 for those who manage to come up with a breakthrough and will be honored by having their name registered in the … [Read more...]

Local Search Engine Optimization Consultant In Your City

Creating an online presence can be a difficult task for both new and established companies.  Most businesses have no idea where or how to market themselves on the internet using new school marketing techniques.  That is why it is vital to hire a knowledgeable search engine optimization consultant … [Read more...]

The On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) That Counts

Your website is great. You spent countless hours writing your content, making sure it would provide quality information to your readers. Still, your site doesn't rank well on Search Engines. It receives a few visits a month, and little visits mean little conversion. Yet, you obtained good backlinks … [Read more...]