57th Presidential Inauguration & Social Media

If you watched the 57th Presidential Inauguration the other day you were treated to multiple performances from some of music’s brightest stars on a historical day which was capped off by the Commander and Chief giving his second and final Inaugural speech to an estimated 800,000 onlookers. On a day … [Read more...]

Barack Obama is the New 2008 President Elect

Today is the big day when Mr. Obama becomes president of The United States. The world has been awaiting this day for two months and is ready to see some changes in the White House. Hopefully, the president can begin working to fix the economy and get jobs to those who really need them. The loss in … [Read more...]

The 2008 Presidential Election and SEO

We have arrived with a new presidential elect after Tuesdays election. Barak Obama will be the upcoming president in January! This resulted from extensive campaigning both online and offline. We cannot forget the online marketing, which help raise awareness and win the presidential campaign for … [Read more...]