The Latest Changes To Google Plus Layout

Google Plus is trying to compete with more established social networks, so making a complete layout change so early into its operation is not that surprising. The layout finally looks less like Facebook and more like a unique design, which is great for the Google Plus users. If you are interested … [Read more...]

Losing Twitter Business to Twitter

Perhaps you’ve launched a business as a third party developer of Twitter applications. Many of these are incredibly popular with small business owners, making life much easier to market to clients. For example, Social Oomph (formerly Tweet Me Later), allows you to pre-schedule tweets, so that you’re … [Read more...]

Successful use of Social Media

If you want to grow your business or do some kind of freelancing work or build contacts then social media is the most important thing that you should get involved with. Social marketing is getting very famous nowadays with the help of applications like facebook, twitter, linked in etc. Internet … [Read more...]