Text to Speech; A Brief Intro

Which do you think is better - Google speech or Siri? Have you ever wondered what makes each Multimodality Speech At age two years maturation in our nervous system allows us to think in words. Even as adults, we can still think in earlier thought carriers, things like smells, sounds, images, and … [Read more...]

How to Use Google Analytics: Getting Started

Having a clear understanding of the wants and needs of a web site's visitors is a recipe for success. And the easiest way to get to know an audience is by capturing data on their activity while visiting a site. This information is what Google Analytics provides free of charge. Google Analytics is a … [Read more...]

Get Plus Followers Review

I had recently signed up for the Instagram marketing services at Get Plus Followers to help build my Instagram following and wanted to leave my review here. I was skeptical at first signing up to a company I found on Google, but it has paid off. I initially signed up for the $19 package called … [Read more...]

How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy is incredibly important to your business success, but if you’re not measuring how well your strategy is working, you can’t know if you need to readjust your campaign. Although social media platforms offer their own form of analytics, these numbers don't give you a clear … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing Fundamental Strategies: Social Media is Key

While content is King, it has to be joined with other strategies to form an entire advertising package. RetargetingBy examining the visitors who didn't convert, an organization can retarget specific traffic and promote the brand to all those individuals. This really is useful for landing pages or … [Read more...]

About Web Analytics Consultants

Many CMO's are pushing to hire web analytics consultant, however many of them have experience with analytics which is essential when managing a digital business. Without data a business is not running its full capabilities. If you own and operate a website then your objective is obviously to get as … [Read more...]