5 Tips To Expand Your Brand’s Presence And Reach

For any business, the quality of products and services always plays a vital role in its growth. Nobody can deny this. But what if customers are not even remotely aware of your existence in the first place?

The answer is very simple. No one will reach out to you for any transaction and, within little to no time, your business will come crashing down. 

This is precisely why marketers put great emphasis on brand awareness, such as utilizing workwear as a means of brand promotion.

Broadly put, brand awareness is a practice that introduces your business to the maximum number of people.

There was a time when marketing a brand required deep pockets, and therefore leading multinational companies had a sweeping monopoly over small businesses in the past. Fortunately, technology has now created a level playing field for everyone.

Regardless of the scale of your business, you can effectively publicize it with the help of wholesale shirt printing services and by walking the tight line of the following tips:

Focus on SEO

In accordance with a comprehensive study, nearly as many as 90 percent of the web-users don’t go beyond the first page of Google results.

The figure goes to show that your brand will largely go down unnoticed if it is not prominent enough on Google or any search engine for that matter. That is where SEO can make a world of difference.

True, SEO does not turn things around overnight. It takes time but serves you well in the long run. Make sure you do not fall for black hat strategies because they go against the Google regulations and might invite penalty. Sticking to the below-outlined white hat techniques is going to be your best bet:

  • Publish top-notch content: Google has high regard for quality content because it is the premier source to attract customers. However, it does not mean you can publish anything and everything and expect google to earn you a better ranking. Your content must revolve around your respective niche. That way, you are likely to be considered as an expert in your industry, and authoritative websites will backlink your pages.
  • Smartly incorporate keywords: Gone are the days when SEO experts could stuff keywords to be recognized by Google. Over the course of time, algorithms have become smarter, and such practices rather prove to be counterproductive. The search engine likes it when the keyword placement appears as spontaneous as possible.

The list could go on and on, but these are ranked right on top in the list of the most crucial SEO elements.

Engage in guest blogging

Despite being one of the oldest methods of digital marketing, guest blogging for link building has still not lost the spark. If anything, guest blogging has only observed a spike in its popularity. Because it is arguably the easiest as well as the cheapest way to give mileage to a business.

All you have to do is to cherry-pick an excellent website that overs your targeted audience and start sharing an irresistible content without any further ado.

Many people do not return to the guest posting site once their blog goes live. This is a flawed approach. You should always make it a point to navigate through the comment section. It will not only give you valuable feedback, but you can also leave a lasting impression on readers’ minds by promptly answering their queries.

Make the most of email marketing

When social media and video marketing had hit the scene for the first time, it was assumed that emails would soon become outdated.

Several years have passed by since this claim was made, but no such thing happened. Email marketing is churning and burning at full swing. A well-documented study reveals that we have 5.6 billion email accounts across the globe.

This eye-popping figure gives you a crystal idea about the reach of email marketing. Having said that, the effectiveness of email marketing has to do with the number of subscribers you have on the list. So here are a few tried and trusted tips to expand your email list out of proportion:

  • Exploit lead magnets. People do not provide their email address for nothing. You have to offer them something in return, such as a coupon, whitepaper and so on.
  • Create tempting CTAs
  • Minimize the length of subscription form
  • Personalize your email copies. The contemporary generation does not want brands to sound like robots.

Invest in events

Several traditional modes of advertising have died due to the ever-increasing footprint of digital space. Yet, event hosting has somehow maintained its relevance to date. Name any leading brand of the world, all of them direct a reasonable share of their budget to organize informative meet-ups related to their products and services.

People have been victims of a variety of online scams lately, which stops them from readily trusting a business.

Restoring public faith through digital means is a tough nut to crack. These gatherings can help you to establish a solid personal connection with the attendees.

Moreover, people will remember your company for a long time, and it will lead to a healthy word of mouth marketing.

Capitalize on social media

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have deeply immersed in our lifestyle. It will not be farfetched from reality to say that a fair proportion of our young generation is somewhat addicted to social networking sites.

As a brand, you should pounce on this opportunity and fuel your social presence. Since social media is cluttered with millions of businesses, it is a must to design a beautiful logo icon with the help of a logo maker company for a unique standing and easy recognition. If coming up with a catchy logo is not your cup of tea, get in touch with a logo design company at the earliest.

Among other things, taking the following measures will also help you to catch a public glare on social sites:

  • Identify the right network: First thing first, you must be dead sure about the audience you want to reach out to. That way, you will figure out which network could give you the best return of investment. For example, if you indulge in B2B marketing, LinkedIn will be an ideal choice.
  • Run social media contests: Typically, social media audience finds contests quite alluring. Especially if they come up announce decent giveaways. Keep the contest rules flexible so that the maximum number of people are encouraged to participate.
  • Post content during the optimal time: Every social media network has peak hours. This is the period when more users are active than usual time. By scheduling your posts at optimal hours, your brand will make it to the bigger pool of audience.

The final verdict

As you can see, multiplying a brand’s reach is by no means an uphill struggle. Of course, these techniques might not yield instant results, but their tasteful execution will certainly pay off at the end of the day. Countless top-tier organizations owe their success to the ideas mentioned above and to other experts, like Andrew Defrancesco, that have given them advice especially during their down season.

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