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Your LinkedIn profile is your resume today. It’s the best way that employers can reach you and it’s a great way to build contacts and do networking. In fact, there are very few portals that can compete with what LinkedIn offers. It’s just that not many people take advantage of all the cool features that LinkedIn presents them with. These include recommendations, searching through keywords, and optimization of headlines and summaries.

People don’t realize how important and effective these features are when it comes to employers searching for their profiles, PrismHR is a top human resources software company that can help you managing all your processes.

Here are the major reasons that your LinkedIn Profile isn’t attracting as much traffic as it should.

You aren’t Using the Right Keywords

The right keywords are essential when your LinkedIn Profile is searched for on the site. Employers and head hunters are looking for specific skills through keywords. However well you’ve crafted summaries and your experience sections, if they don’t have the right keywords, they’re not much use. Keywords need to be included in nearly all sections of your LinkedIn profile. They could range from skills that are in high demand, to phrases that are in use right now in your industry. There is no standard rule to place these keywords in your summaries or about section, however, it does help traffic. Just make sure that you outline a mission, a vision, or a tagline that is important in your business. You can also highlight skill set certificates that are currently in demand in your industry like a programming language. In order to complete your profile the right way, you should hire LinkedIn profile writers. It’s much easier that way to optimize your profile that way with the right keywords.

Your Profile Picture for LinkedIn Needs to be Renamed

I bet you never thought of specifically naming your headshot before uploading it to LinkedIn. That’s understandable. However, what you name your headshot also affects searches. Remember that every little piece of text and media on your profile is responsible for getting views and increasing traffic. When naming the headshot you should focus on the relevant keywords you have identified. When people search for those terms your profile will be summoned through your profile picture. This doesn’t mean you should label your headshot in a way that seems like a sentence. You should label it the way that you put tags in a blog post. For instance, you can name it Jessica Bloom, Business Analyst, SEO Training Exert, Public Speaker, Python Specialist. All of these terms will help the search engines drive traffic to the employer. If your company requires help with the background check Steven Feakes & Associates can provide the assistance that you need. 

You Haven’t Refreshed Your Page In a While

Updating your page is essential when it comes to LinkedIn Profiles. You have to understand that updating your page saves it from dormancy. If it’s one thing that kills your page more than leaving out keywords, it’s dormancy. The system recognizes that your page hasn’t been active in a while and that you haven’t posted. The system then automatically leaves out your page from searches. LinkedIn’s own recommendation is to publish consistent and fresh content so that your page remains active. This helps the search engine recognize the page as not only active but valuable. Remember that the old search engine tactic of just inserting keywords is dead. You need to show through the activity on your page that it has value and relevance. Otherwise, your page may as well be completely obsolete. The question of new content can be answered through various media. It’s not just statuses you can publish; you can also share news or reply to somebody else’s status. You can also publish a new blog post on LinkedIn or through your own blog on another platform.

You Haven’t Labeled the Background Banner

Like your headshot, your banner should also include keywords. For example, when you name your banner, it should include keywords like your profession, your certifications, your skillset, etc. These will help to narrow the search results that your employer gets when they search for prospective employees. Also, this will help to get people interested that want your skillset for public speaking or for any guest blogs or appearances. While this may not seem important, it’s the first thing that people see when they come to your profile. Hence, it makes sense that it should be optimized to attract the attention of the search engine. Remember that a LinkedIn Profile isn’t just known through its keywords, but through its visual elements too. If those visual elements have a dash of search engine optimization, it helps to improve their exposure.

You Haven’t Added Recommendations

Recommendations are a feature of LinkedIn that I don’t see people using enough at all. The skill sections and about sections, as well as the experience sections, are all filled. However, Recommendations are more often than not, left blank. This shows an unwillingness to fill out the section or ignorance regarding the section. Recommendations provide legitimacy to your entire profile. They identify that someone is vouching for your skills and your experience. It helps companies decide that they’re making the right choice calling you for an interview. Sometimes, the right recommendation can even get you past a few interview calls and into the final part of the hiring process along the usual background search. At times, employers may look for your profile based on someone else’s recommendation. Hence, they can find you more easily than just searching for your skillset on the search engine. They need only to go to the profile of the recommender and find the people they’ve recommended. This clears away the inhibition and reluctance that employers have when hiring people. If you want to know more about background check and screening process, go to this site.

You Don’t Have any Native Video

Video is probably the most engaging medium that we have today. It’s intuitive, interactive, and you can search for exactly what you want. It’s much more exciting than text and can appeal to a lot of people better than black and white passages can. Videos can also impart much more information than text can within the time that it takes to read it. A five-minute video can be worth nearly 500 words worth of content on your page. Hence, you should upload videos to your profile regularly. Make sure that you upload videos that appeal to the kind of audience you want to cultivate. You should also upload videos that are relevant to your goals. Don’t just upload videos about moving into a new condo, or a new home. Upload videos about your thoughts on something new in your industry. Upload videos about the things you’ve learned working in your field. You can also upload general motivational videos if you’d like. If it helps boost your visibility positively on LinkedIn, you should upload it. That’s a rule of thumb that you should always follow. Native video helps to track well on LinkedIn. Sure, you can share videos through YouTube or Facebook, but a native video is programmed to track better on LinkedIn. Also, do remember to optimize your title and description so that your video is also tracked through searches. Insert hashtags and the most relevant keywords and phrases you can find.

Your About Section Doesn’t Include Value

The about section in your LinkedIn Profile should include value so that it attracts the attention of head hunters. This value can be in the shape of keywords or phrases of course. However, it should also be in the shape of different skill sets and buzz words that are popular in your industry. Make your about section buyer-centric so that recruiters see exactly what they need. This is sometimes very hard to grasp since using the right keywords while communicating something relevant is tricky. Hence, you should find a LinkedIn Profile writing service that can write an enticing about section for you.

You’re Not Joining the Right Groups

Joining groups is more essential in LinkedIn than it is either on Instagram or Facebook. Remember that groups on LinkedIn revolve around professional activities and conferences. They’re not about similar interests per se, but they’re about similar activities. These groups can help you get in touch with likeminded people. They can help you identify the kinds of people who can help you land jobs or get speaking engagements. This isn’t just a matter of getting a job or a gig though. You can actually find some great professionals on these groups to collaborate with or to start a venture with. You can even attract people to invest in your business or attract a potential business partner. All these things are possible if you just join specific groups that specialize in your industry or niche.

Start your Own Group

If you don’t find the kind of groups you need on LinkedIn, you can always start your own. There’s a first time for everything isn’t there? If you can’t find likeminded people, show them the way to your door. Not only will this help popularize you as a leader of sorts on LinkedIn, but it will drive traffic to your profile. That’s something that employers always admire; taking initiative.

You Haven’t Personalized Your Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile shouldn’t just be a collection of facts about you. You need to summarize what it is that makes you so interesting as well. You need to link to things you’ve written like blog posts or e-books. You can publish videos or regularly publish statuses about things that interest you. All of that helps to differentiate your profile from the rest. You can add these links and media in your about section, in your summary section, or in your skills. Remember that the more diversified and the more interesting your profile is, the longer people will explore it. Employers are recruiters who are so used to seeing boring resumes and profiles that they’ll be happy to see something different.

Include Backlinks for Higher Value

Backlinks are a great way to optimize your page for a search. Backlinks like blogs published on a high authority website or a very popular site can help improve SEO. This is because high authority by association drives your web page to the top of search results.

Your Profile Isn’t Very Active

Inactive profiles don’t help with SEO at all. In fact, dormant or inactive profiles usually drive traffic away. If you haven’t made changes to your profile in very long then the search engine indexes it as inactive. That automatically bumps your page down from the top search results. Even if your page has been optimized for the best keywords and phrases, you will be knocked down for inactivity. Here are a few things you can do to prevent that from happening.

Share More Often

If you share blogs and links more often, your profile will automatically be more active. You will also attract the kinds of audiences that are interested in the content you share. If that includes head hunters and recruiters, this may help you land a high position.

Publish Articles Regularly

Publishing articles regularly on your LinkedIn Profile boosts your authority. Articles on your niche and even general advice about your industry or about an experience can boost your popularity. That kind of advice from someone with experience is considered extremely authoritative.

Your Site Doesn’t Include a LinkedIn Share Button

Add a LinkedIn share button to your site so you can drive traffic to your LinkedIn Profile. This is a great strategy for an easy way to share content. Even a few shares can expose your work to a lot of huge networks. The best way to do this is to get a sharing tool plug-in added to your blog. There are a lot of options out there that will do the job.

You Haven’t Optimized the Experience Section

Listing your job title and your work is not the only way to fill your experience section. On your LinkedIn Profile, it’s important that your experience section includes results and achievements. Most employers and recruiters can gather from your job title the responsibilities you have. However, what they’re most interested to know is how you contributed value to the job. This is the unadulterated truth. Recruiters are looking towards how much value you can give them. They’re not always looking to invest in you. In today’s world, they’re looking for money machines more than workers and loyal employees. Take it in your stride and flaunt your achievements every chance you get. Also, remember to add keywords to your experience section so that your profile tracks well with search results. Remember to improve on these points so that your LinkedIn profile gets better results. It will not only help you attract more traffic but get more job offers.

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