7 Useful Tips To Increase Website Engagement Through UGC

Whenever we talk about a successful online business, it is measured by the website engagement acquired by the business. It is the primary concern of any brand which is the main source of all the online conversions because if people will not engage there will be no conversions. Read this blog from True North Social to learn how to properly advertise on ad platforms.

So what can be done to solve this problem? We have the answer – User-Generated Content.

Read about UGC and how it can help you increase your website engagement in detail in the below article.

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

User-Generated Content (UGC) also known as Consumer-Generated Content (CGC) refers to the content created by the users of a brand and shared on social media. This content can be in any form such as videos, images, blogs, tweets, etc.

It is all about what users feel about the brand and its products. They share their experiences and reviews of the products and services on social media. 

Tips to increase website engagement through UGC

There are various ways UGC can help you increase website engagement. Here are some useful tips that can help you with the same:

Social Proof Influences Purchase Decisions

User-Generated Content is the content that people post on social media. It is the social proof of what your users feel about your products and services which is accessible to everyone through social media. It displays how much people are enjoying your products and services which builds trust for the brand and its products. 

Leveraging this social proof for your website can turn out to be amazing. You can use it as your brand’s voice. It will work as a great influencer for the people who are confused about buying from your website. Consumers look for a brand that is authentic and trustworthy and UGC helps in making a brand trustworthy.

Induce Strategy 

Who doesn’t like contests and free gifts? So this can be a way for you to engage your users and get UGC in return as well. All you have to ask them is to send in photos and videos with your products and services and you will give them a reward at the end. You will also need to hire an expert in ORM like Andrew Defrancesco.

You can organize gamification elements such as contests, games, questionnaires or other activities to attract your user’s attention. As a reward, your users can win free gifts and goodies from your brand. 

This strategy has great potential to increase website engagement as well as expand reach through word-of-mouth advertising. Users will definitely share about contests with their fellow mates and this way more people will recognize your brand. 

Display UGC as Visual Assistance

With each passing day, people are getting a little more tech-savvy and inclined towards online shopping. Earlier they had an option to touch, feel and try the products and services but that lacks in online shopping. 

Then how can we make it easier for consumers to trust our products and services without getting promotional and loud about it? UGC is the answer. 

Visuals hold a lot of power and showcasing UGC can help users in their decision-making process. If they look at happy and satisfied customers on your website, they will definitely be able to trust your brand more and not hesitate in going ahead to make a purchase. It helps them look at the products in action and understand its aesthetics and use in real life.

Social Wall

Who doesn’t like appreciation? You can appreciate your users’ efforts by displaying all their posts on social media to your website through a social wall. You can also incorporate some of your advertisements or promotional content along with it.

A social wall can leave a longer impact on the users and looking at so many people making efforts towards a brand, trust increases. It will also work as a motivator for your users to send in some content in order to get featured on the social wall. It will also give them ideas as in how to send pictures and use certain products looking at others’ posts.

Leverage User’s Creativity

User-Generated Content comes from all over the globe, therefore it is diverse and comes from all cultural backgrounds. Every post that comes in will come from different people and different ideologies. Therefore, each picture can be creative in its own way. 

You can create branded hashtags that your users can use which will make it easier for you to discover content related to your brand. Your users can use that hashtag and post on social media.

In addition to the previous point, you can leverage your user’s creativity by displaying their creative posts on your website through a social wall. It will encourage other users to post content for your brand too in order to get featured and feel appreciated.

Community Building  

Users love a special and personalized experience with a brand. You can build a valuable and engaging community for your users. It will be altogether a different experience for your users and they will be able to trust your brand more.

You can create a community where all your users can interact with each other and discuss and share their experiences with your brand. They can exchange different ways to use the products and get the most efficient use out of them. 

This will turn your customers into loyal customers! You will be able to provide them an experience nobody else does. It also acts as social proof of how your users enjoy the brand and its products & services. 

Increase website vibrancy

As mentioned before, UGC is diverse and this makes it vibrant as well. If you decide to use UGC and display it on your website, it will make your website more attractive and aesthetic to look at. 

The look of the website can make or break a customer. If the website is eye-pleasing and aesthetic, people tend to stay and explore more. This will increase the engagement and dwell time of the visitors and decrease the bounce rate as well. 


Every online business is struggling with website engagement and UGC is the most effective way to solve that problem. I have already mentioned how UGC can be used to your advantage and increase website engagement.

So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and start working towards it already!

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