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Social media is fast and fluid. Social media trends emerge fast and disappear even faster. There are rarely any instances where a previous social media trend remains relevant in the next year. Thus, it is imperative to keep pace with it. Prevalent social media practices must undergo constant evaluation and scrutiny. A marketing campaign that succeeded during one trend might not earn you the same rewards during a new trend like the use of the IDX plugin by most of real estate agencies. Companies are now redefining their meaning of success and tweaking their practices to be mindful of the privacy and personal choices of the consumers. The quest for striking a balance between ‘being social with the audience’ and ‘advertising the products on the media’ will continue. But the question is, how will a company win in a competition that is neck to neck? On that note, let’s dive right into the top social media trends for 2020.

Social media metrics will undergo a seismic shift

Social media metrics have long been used to define the success of campaigns. What started from the casual likes on Facebook has evolved into a full-blown obsession with the numbers of likes per photo on Instagram. Since Instagram is amongst the largest social media platforms, any changes here would directly switch the social media landscape upside down. The app has reportedly removed the number of likes from the interface. The fallacy of evaluating the worth of life experiences based on the number of likes has finally come to an end. Its detrimental impact on mental health has been heeded, and now the social media matrix is expected to evolve to a better stance.

Video content still reigns supreme

Whether it is the crazy dances, the dramatic re-enactments, or the blatant brand endorsements, there is no denial in the fact that Tik Tok has somehow slithered its way into our social media spheres and has decided to stay. Because humans interact better with video content as opposed to written posts, it is evident that video platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok, their close and distant cousins, are all going to stay in the spotlight in 2020. All the student influencers and brand ambassadors from https://www.seedmarketingagency.com/ are expected to bring tremendous success when it comes to marketing. Since both long and short forms of video are expected to grow, there is a wealth of opportunities in this field. All it requires is a bit of effort to explore them.

Customization reaches paramountcy

The consumer of the twenty-first century is after experiences. Their minds are set to accept products that fit into the Instagram-worthy images of their lives. Whether it is a college student’s choice of a little black dress or a Pinterest mom’s idea of a vacation, social media is somehow involved in our everyday decisions. The international phenomenon of personalization has been in existence for a long time, but it has now taken social media by storm. There is no denial in the reality that a brand cannot personalize their content according to each cohort of their target audience. For businesses that mastered this trade and succeed in doing so, the sky is the limit for them. The help of artificial intelligence and machine learning’s capabilities in predicting human behavior plays an integral role in advertising Clara’s Boutique to Sandra. The brands are now integrating this aspect into their marketing plan.

Social commerce becomes the talk of the town

Social media is about society and increasing interaction among distant groups. Since Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are preferred avenues for advertising, a wave of social commerce has now hit the shores of retail avenues. In layperson’s terms, social commerce is a route to integrate mainstream retailers with offline stores and websites. The collaboration is expected to grow further in 2020 and lead to new pro-selling features.

The authenticity of influencers comes under the radar

Influencer marketing has reached its zenith in the past years, and it is expected to grow further in 2020. But, it might not stay this way for long. The metrics of the past are being abandoned for good. Now, clarity is being developed for influencer marketing. Thorough briefs and community guidelines are in the process of development to save influencers from the troubles of going beyond what is expected and for consumers to fall prey to false reviews. Capitalizing on the opportunity that belies here, more platforms are experimenting with their marketing and scheduling tools. Did you ever prefer LinkedIn to market your business? Well, the news for you is that LinkedIn has also stepped into the field. Now you can have a LinkedIn scheduling tool to market your brand on the platform.

Stories continue to boom

If you, too, have made choices based on the advice of your favorite influencer or blogger, then you know that it is a super fun activity. Well, we are glad to inform you that this trend will continue in the following year and reach new highs too! Smart businesses have been using creative ‘Call to Action’ (CTA) methods with their stories to achieve more sales and boosting social media engagement on their platforms. The stories on Instagram are the perfect method of gaining attention and attracting a purchase. For example, real estate content marketing generates 3 x number of leads.

Regulation tightens up

Privacy concerns have been rising since the ‘Cambridge Analytica Case’ blew up. Data security and privacy would remain trending in 2020. Authorities have announced that the misuse of information shall be monitored across the globe. It is expected that policies will be changed to improve the regulations regarding data security. The regulatory bodies will tighten their hold on the trade of data, and the purge on the invasions of privacy shall be severely punished. Brace for new data protection laws. They are on the horizon for 2020. For further details on data security and privacy, see this site https://www.delphix.com/glossary/data-privacy.


Social media is always in a state of change, and you have to keep up with it. All of the trends discussed above should feature in your planning. You can start on a clean slate, or you can fix what already exists. Let us know what you think about the trends for this year. We shall be looking forward to hearing from you!  

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