How to Use Your Existing Posts to Land Paid Blogging Opportunities

seo blog tipsFinding blogging clients isn’t easy.

Sometimes they’ll ask you for published clips at some big blog (that you might not have yet).

Sometimes they’ll want a spec piece at all costs.

Other times, thankfully, what you have on your blog and your guest posts will suffice.

But how can you make sure your existing posts will help you land (highly) paid blogging opportunities?

Here are 5 ideas to put you in front of the right eyes.

1. Write outstanding guest posts (and blog comments)

David Leonhardt, president of THGM Writers, says you should start with guest posts — and add outstanding blog comments to the mix:

David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt

I’ve gotten this question: “Why do you write for SEMrush?  Why do you write for Chamber of Commerce?”  The fact is that I have gotten writing assignments this way: “I saw your article in [name of publication].  Do you think you could write for me?”

There is a strong business case for writing guest posts and even very well-thought-out blog comments.  Every time you appear to a different audience, you open up the doors to landing paid gigs.  Just make sure that what you write and how you write will impress them.

Also link to your post(s) in your guest post bio (or in the body, if blogger allows it) to get the most out of the opportunity.

2. Add a box to your posts with “want a post like this? Hire me here”

By the point they finish reading your blog post, readers will have already seen what a great blogger you are, so no further doubts — they’re sold on your skills!

And while a regular reader will want to read more and subscribe to your list, an interested prospect will turn into a lead in less than a minute.

That’s what happens when you add an “hire me” box at the end of your blog post — you are asking prospects to hire you on the basis of what they’ve just read (make sure every post is really outstanding!).

3. Use MyBlogU’s writer database (link to 3 of your best posts)

MyBlogU is a community for bloggers to connect and find experts to interview or brainstorm with. The platform allows every blogger to really create a network around each blog post.

However, MyBlogU also has a feature for bloggers to add themselves to their writer database and showcase their skills and best clips.

For example, this is my writer entry at MyBlogU:


4. Syndicate or repost your articles

When you syndicate or repost your best posts you are effectively remarketing your content and finding a new audience for it.

Because the audience is not just fellow professional bloggers who want to learn more about their niche, but also company CEOs, managers and marketing directors looking for fresh talent to add to their assets, you up your chances to get hired for your blogging skills.

Where can you syndicate for best results?

Here is a list:

These platforms can count on huge communities and you can be sure your posts won’t get lost in the feed. They also get traffic in the thousands or million every month and you have big chances to have your content spotted by someone who is interested in your skills.

5. Use to promote your best posts

Christopher Jan Benitez shared this interesting idea:

Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez

I have a couple of strategies that help me land clients from my old posts, and I’d be glad to share one. I signed up for an account at Start A Fire (, a tool that lets you create a shortened URL of your post with a CTA on the right side of the screen. From the tool, link to your paid blogging landing page and write a short copy to entice them to click on the link. Once you have set up your account, go to the post/s that you want to promote again and get the shortened URL of the post using Start A Fire. Promote the shortened URL on all your social media platforms (I suggest Buffer’s Bulk Scheduler so you can schedule up to five tweets on each account in just one click). Once your followers click your shared link, they will see the CTA on the right side of the screen that points to your landing page. If they love the content you shared, they will most likely be compelled to click on the link to your page.

How do YOU land blogging jobs? What role your existing posts and guest posts play in it?

Share in the comments.

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