Boost Brand Perception by 71% With One Simple Trick

Do you want to learn one simple trick that can increase the positive perception of your brand by as much as 71%? Something that costs nothing more than a couple of minutes of your time? Something that eBay does particularly well?

We’re talking about social commerce of course.

Social Networks E Commerce Infographic

Gone are the days when all you had to do to get a client’s attention was to throw a discount voucher at them or tell them about your new eBay promo.

Now you have to work at gaining their attention through more personalized offerings and keeping it by delivering superb customer service.

Social commerce lets you do both extremely effective. That 71% increase in perception that we were talking about earlier can be attributed to having a good social commerce strategy.

Are you dying to find out what that one thing is?

It’s simple – giving a positive response to a review, good or bad, helps to improve the client’s perception of your brand. It shows that you care about their opinion and that you value their time. It’s a simple thing to do but something that many companies get wrong.

The first mistake a company makes in this area is by only spending time on replying to negative reviews. And, on the surface, this may seem like a good idea. After all, why waste time on people who love your product or service already?

It’s so simple that it’s crazy that we overlook it – the person who loves our company already is a lot easier to sell to because you don’t need to convince them to trust you all over again. Foster that relationship properly and you will make that customer both loyal and a willing brand ambassador.

Sure, that client who is complaining about your service is important. They are also going to tell their friends all about the encounter. If you deal with the issue correctly, they may even become a loyal customer themselves.

But dealing with complaints should not blot out all your focus – your satisfied customers deserve just as much time and could end up being an even bigger asset for your business.

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