The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags to Increase Engagement

Instagram HashtagsInstagram is known to be one of the biggest social media networking apps today and it has become a big success. Instagram has more than 600 million active users today that tell us that how many active people are available on this particular pictures sharing website and how can you reach almost all type of audience on this social media site.

There are many ways to reach more audience through Instagram. You can get more audience by getting followers from other social networking sites or by making creative posts or by organizing contests. You can also buy followers and likes from services like Vibbi. One of the ways through which you can really gain more followers is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are very tricky if you are looking for attracting more audience then you need to make sure that your hashtag is being tricky and precise. Hashtags are a great way of attracting the new audience, it was started by the social media website Twitter first, but now hashtags are being used in almost every famous social networking site. To make sure that your hashtags are working make sure you choose the best hashtag and to choose the best hashtag, you can follow these simple examples.

See what hashtags are being used by your competitors

It is very necessary for a successful social media campaign to have a good sense of using hashtags. Without hashtags, your social media campaign would not be as good as it can be with the hashtags. One of the ways to make sure that you are going to pick the best hashtag for your campaign is to make sure that you check and see that what hashtags your competitors are using. By observing your competitors closely, you can see that what hashtags they are using and you can then compare it with your hashtags. You can decide whether to add the hashtag that is doing well for your competitor’s post or whether not to use the hashtag that is not doing well for your competitor’s post. You can also decide not to use the hashtags your competitors are using and be creative with it. You can see the example of Coca-Cola and Pepsi that they do not use the same hashtags in their Instagram posts. Both the competitors are trying to be different from one another to show their uniqueness and creativeness.

Use the hashtags that influential people of your field are using

In the search for the best hashtags, you can see that you can also go for the hashtags that influential people of your field are already using on Instagram. Influential people are those who have a great fan following and can help you send your message to their fan following or your target audience. You need to find the influential people related to your field, and then you can see that what hashtags they are using in their posts which are a success. Influential people have experience in this, and as they are already established they are well aware of using the right hashtag, so you can learn from them.

When looking for the same field influencers, you can find the best hashtags that are suitable for your audience because the influencers are already well established with the target audience of your field.

So, if you want to use best hashtags and make sure that you gain more followers every day then you need to keep a strict eye on the posts of influencers related to your niche, and you need to see what hashtags they are using which is bringing them success.

Use related hashtags

Well as we mentioned above that how much important it is to use the right hashtag in order to make sure that you gain more audience to establish your brand and once you have found a few good hashtags that are working for you, you cannot use them again and again forever. Or in order to be more efficient, you need to find more hashtags like that. If a hashtag is doing well, you need to find more related hashtags to it. For that, you can browse Instagram posts, and you can see what more hashtags people are using, with the hashtag you are already using and having success. Then after that the new hashtag you have observed and you think is trending, can be used in your posts if it is related. Using more related hashtags can really boost your posts, and this will eventually result in more success with the followers.

Remember you must only use relevant hashtags so you will be able to reach the right audience.

Take help from Instagram’s search function

Instagram’s search function can really help us in finding the right hashtag. The Instagram search function is a very advanced feature, and you can use it to search popular hashtags as well.

Open the Instagram search and type any word that is related to your brand and search for it. When the search results are shown, open the tags tab, and you will be able to see that in how many posts that tag has been used and how many times the tags have been mentioned. This can tell you about a popular hashtag and you can take advantage from that. But, also remember that if the number is high and the hashtag is used in so many posts there is a great chance that your own post will also get buried. So, make sure that you pick up the right hashtag from the search.

Make a combination of hashtags that are unique and that can be picked by the right audience as well.


By using these examples, you can find the best hashtags for your Instagram. And apart from these, you can also explore various other methods to use best hashtags. Some common hashtags are used by so many brands all around the world e.g. #picoftheday; you can use these hashtags as well in your posts. So take help from this article and start picking up the best hashtags and implement them the right way.

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