Get Plus Followers Review

I had recently signed up for the Instagram marketing services at Get Plus Followers to help build my Instagram following and wanted to leave my review here. I was skeptical at first signing up to a company I found on Google, but it has paid off.

I initially signed up for the $19 package called “trial”. This package was for 100 real followers in one month. I was delighted to see the first day I had 10 new followers, which is more than expected..

Everyday thereon out for that month I received 5-20 new followers. In total for the $19 I received 268 followers that month.

The followers were all real, active accounts. They got the followers by engaging with other niche targeted accounts.

It was not like other companies that would just give you a bunch of fake, inactive, ghost type followers. I was pleased with the quality of the followers I was receiving. Get Plus Followers even offers a 500% refund for anyone receiving fake followers, which is quite reassuring to read in the Get Plus Followers reviews.

Basically, they would go in my account and start liking and following my competitor’s followers. This is an extremely effective strategy and has resulted in an influx of new, targeted followers.

The following month I decided to go for the larger $99 package. This package guarantees 1,000 monthly followers and I have been gaining 25-50 daily followers.

In total, I have received 1,683 followers from the $99 package, which is well above the 1,000 guarantees from Get Plus Followers.

Overall this service is top-notch and you can read Get Plus Followers reviews on their website and on Yelp.

They even offer a 500% refund for anyone receiving fake, inactive, ghost followers. Pretty impressive. You can read Get Plus Followers reviews on

Yelp Get Plus Followers Review

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