What Can Bloggers Learn From Good Leaders? 7 Winning Traits

Are you a good leader? A good blogger? David Goehring (cc)

Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader?

Think about it — you influence and inspire people to reflect or take action every day, whether you write for a niche or you only run a personal blog.

You leave a footprint in people’s lives, be it huge or marginal.

When I browsed Forbes posts a few days ago, I ran into one by Tanya Prive about the Top 10 qualities that make a great leader and I thought — what if the leader was a blogger? What makes a great blogger in the eyes of their readers?

Inspired by Prive’s article, here is a post on what bloggers like you can learn from good leaders — 7 winning traits and then some questions to help you become a great blogger (and leader) yourself.

1. Ethical, Honest

Good bloggers, like good leaders, base their writing activity on honest practices regarding interviews, quotes, plagiarism and SEO.

If they do something controversial it will be by principle, not by commodity. Perhaps they are trying to change the world. But whatever the reason, they will let the reader know.

Good bloggers, like good leaders, do not deceive their readers.

Also, they will disclose all relationships, especially in advertising. Not one sponsored post will go without proper disclosure.

Are you honest to your readers? Do you disclose?

2. Trust Readers and Guest Writers

Good bloggers don’t keep their blogs jealously to themselves. Like good leaders, they share generously, accept feedback from their readers and open their blog to (great) guest posts.

They are generous and, because of that, they get great benefits in return — trust builds trust.

Do you accept your readers’ feedback? Do you welcome readers’ ideas and guest posts?

3. Communicative

Good bloggers respond to readers’ inquiries and feedback and go out to comment on others’ blogs, because they are not closed in their little slice of the blogosphere — they are communicative and love to network.

They don’t just network, but they put effort into creating a network of think-alike people. The community they build around their blog is lively and productive.

They believe in building relationships much more than in building links.

Did you build a community around your blog? Do you comment on other blogs? Do you involve your readers?

4. Confident and Committed

Good bloggers are confident about their message. They write with a punch and make sure their content is clear, to-the-point, helpful.

Like good leaders are committed to their cause or organization, so good bloggers are committed to their blog and the community they built around it — they won’t let their blog go stale with lazy updates, nor they will neglect their community.

They will make time for it.

Do you believe in your blog message? Do you make time for your blog?

5. Yes To Constructive Criticism

No to trolls, of course. But constructive criticism is the driving force to grow a little bit every day.

Like good leaders, good bloggers know that and accept constructive criticism with an open mind and a positive attitude, while they reject destructive criticism with a confident smile — something that makes trolls run amok.

Do you accept constructive criticism? How do you react when you get trolls and destructive comments?

6. Creative and Open-Minded

Good bloggers try new ways to involve their readers and make an effort to include different viewpoints, as a way to bring more ideas to their niche or industry.

Do you try new ideas for your blog? Do you welcome ideas that are different from yours for the benefit of your readers?

7. Readers Love Good Bloggers

Because they’re unique and inspiring. Because they recognize their authority and guidance.

Because they become role-models.

Do you inspire your readers? Can they relate with what you offer them, be it in the form of blog posts or feedback?

For an inspirational reading and more ideas on how to become a good blogger (leader), check out the Young Entrepreneur Council’s Q&A post “How can I become more emphatetic as a leader?” at Smartbrief. Wonderful insight from numerous entrepreneurs.

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