Using Crowdfire App For Instagram Marketing

Using Crowdfire App For Instagram MarketingInstagram is a popular platform that is used by marketers to promote visual content. Using Instagram alone will help you to bring in potential prospects, but with the help of apps from mobile app developers, you can double the outcomes. Crowdfire is one such app that will be beneficial in your Instagram marketing campaign.

What is Crowdfire?

The primary purpose of using apps is to maximize the reach of your posts. The Crowdfire app will help you to achieve it by finding your target audience. It will help you increase the engagement rate and aid you to connect with followers. If you are looking for authentic instagram followers, you can find them here.

The app is available for desktops as well as mobile versions.

The app allows you to

Keep track of the people that are following you

Block Unwanted users

Send a personal message thanking the people that have added you to their follower’s list

Helps you find relevant users

Features of Crowdfire

People who don’t follow you back

Business pages follow other users hoping that those people will follow them back. Following other users is an easy tactic that is used to increase the followers count. This app will help you to track down the users that haven’t followed you back. You can also unfollow the users who have not followed you back all at once.


If you have a large following for your page, it will be difficult to keep track of new followers as well as the users who have unfollowed you. This app will give you an update on new followers as well as users who have stopped following you.


It will help you to find the users who actively engage with the content that you post. Through this, you can find the organic followers of your profile.

Remind you to post

Once you schedule a post, it will not automatically publish it. It will give you a reminder to publish the post at the time you have scheduled.

Attract followers

You can attract the most active followers of other accounts that are relevant to you. For instance, if you’re a big fan of Hugh Jackman, and you post pictures of him regularly, follow the users in his account, and they will follow you back because they will be interested to know more about him.

How to use the Crowdfire app?

Create an account by logging into  Note that you can use this app to sign in with Twitter as well. If you want to use Twitter click the “Sign in with Twitter” option or click the “Sign in with Instagram” option

After you log in, you have to enter the Instagram credentials and permit the app to access your account. You have to mention your email address as the app will send you weekly reports of your progress and other important messages

Once you complete this process, it will start managing your account

For mobile users

Crowdfire Instagram Mobile App

Download the apps from the respective stores. Use the app to either log on Instagram or Twitter. Then enter Instagram credentials and allow the app to access your account. Plus don’t forget to mention your email Id.

Managing accounts

For example, let’s say that you’re using Crowdfire app for your work and personal use. Your colleague wants to add a team member to the work account while your personal account is also logged in. When your colleague, logs into the work account, he will be able to see your personal account as well. Don’t worry there is an option to disable the log-in of other accounts. Just go to settings and turn off the “allow log in” to the account you don’t want to access.

Change your mail Id

If you want to change your email ID, go to Settings and then choose the email section. Then you can add the new email Id that you want. Then click on the resend email verification option, so that your new email can be updated successfully.

Instagram has become one of the most critical networks that are used to get more contacts. As the users are increasing, everyday brands want to use it to stay connected with their existing clients as well as new ones. As a marketer, you would have various other activates that needs your attention. So it is natural to forget to post updates and track the status of your social accounts. You can avoid this from happening by using tools like Crowdfire. By using this app, you can post regularly and know the position you hold among users.

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