How To Get Quality SEO Backlinks In 2016 A Step By Step Guide

Quality SEO LinksBacklinks can be explained as perpetual, virtual pathways originating from millions of other websites on the internet and ending up on your website, or further connecting you two to dozens of other websites. This systemized connection and combination of domains is exactly why these are termed as ‘websites’. However, unlike for shoe laces, the more tangled up you are on the web, the better. These invisible highways, known as backlinks, bring your website traffic and ranking and strengthen its stance.

The question is how to get these prized backlinks? One way is to get help from marketing and branding agency. However, it is no rocket science; but, there are key elements you must take in consideration before beginning.

First and foremost, strive to create pitch perfect content which becomes a valuable asset to whoever reads it. You do that effectively; links will come to your doorstep themselves.

Be wary, quality content can get snubbed in all the noise on the internet. Promotion will act like fuel to good content and backlinks will come to your website like bees to honey. Here’s a step by step guide in getting quality SEO backlinks which will hold you by the finger and help reach an epitome.

STEP #1: Find Content That Is Already GettingLinks

The Skyscraper technique, as it’s called, helps you find the skyscraper content in your niche. It means digging for content that has already gone viral, making a few amendments here and there and posting it as a revamped version. This is a time tested technique of streaming in backlinks.

Your website should be brimmed with content which is helpful, useful, and viral. So much so that visitors should be tumbling onto your website over any link they click, any query they search. Following are ways to discover content that is already getting links and make the magic happen:

Open Site Explorer

Consider your niche, the topics people expect from your website, and the topics your work covers. Perform a quick Google search for other sites that exist in the same sphere as you and enter the URL of the top three results in this tool.

Once you have received the results, click on ‘Top Pages’ on the left of the page.

MOZ Open Site Explorer SEO Tool

You will then see a list of results that look like this:


Look for pages with a high number of linking root domain; these pages are getting backlinks like it’s a piece of cake. Topics and resources are going to depend on your choice.

It is another free search engine optimization tool which provides hundreds of keyword suggestions free of cost. This tool sums up a comprehensive list of all the relevant, highly recommended keyword suggestions for your content.

Go ahead and search a keyword related to your topic or niche on and you will find everything you want such as:

  • Top keywords
  • Term statistics
  • Relevant pages
  • Auto complete suggestion

Step # 2: Take the Concept, Create Something Better

There are a number of ways you can improve on another website’s posted content. For a head start, here are some ways you can take the concept from content that’s already posted and improve on it: You can update it, add in more details, revamp the whole piece with attractive visuals, or just ignite it up with a compelling, substantial opinion on the topic.

  • Make it More Detailed

Increasing the length of an article is sometimes all you need to make it look fresh and new again. But, adding a few words won’t do the trick, you really need to raise the bar by adding details and personally tried quick tips. Inspiration from other bloggers can work wonders! You can also merge two relevant articles and give the readers something new in. Who doesn’t love two in one?!


In case you need inspiration and are exhausted of all the ideas already available in the space, use the following tools and methods to motivate you into creating or re-engineering something new:

  1. Quora:

Great place to run into ideas for blog posts.

  1. BuzzSumo:

This tool helps find out which of your competitor’s posts are doing good in terms of social media.

  1. Keyword research tools:

There are numerous tools for keyword research, is one of them.

  1. Impact Inbounds Blog Title Generator

Plug in the topic that you want to write on and it will spill out some headlines and articles that you can use to help spark ideas.


  • Make something relevant again

Updating or customizing an old article is the best way to spruce up enthusiasm that is already out there in your visitors. Look for content that once sparked joy in visitor but has recently gone gray in your competitors’ portals and you will be surprised by the amount of content you can renew and reuse.


  • Make your page visually attractive

If your content is of top-notch quality but it’s posted on an ugly page that gives the visitors an eye sore, the website is going to experience a pitfall. Make your page visually attractive and appealing by:

  • Breaking your paragraphs into shorter (2-3) lines
  • Using bullets and lists
  • Making a mobile-responsive webpage.
  • Adding pictures to keep the graphics bar high
  • Choosing a color scheme that is easy on the eyes

STEP # 3: Reach Out and Promote Your New Content

The icing to the cake requires making sure that your efforts are seen by the people out there, especially your target audience. Look for the following when finding the right people to showcase your work to:

  • A website within your chosen niche or topic
  • Someone who would be interested in your topic
  • A website that has already made links to similar content

Create a list of websites and compile email addresses of the influencers in your niche.

Create an Email Template – make sweet and short emails. Be informative and precise. And send them to influencers and authoritative websites in your niche. Keep in mind that a handful of high quality links are more valuable than a heap of low quality ones.

STEP # 4: Write Guest Posts

Another way to add backlinks to your website is by writing guest posts for other blogs. Popular blogs offer guidelines for their guest writers and make a small mention to them in their blogs for backlinking purpose. However, not all that shines is gold. Don’t fall for websites with high Domain Authority and Page Rank; rather look for websites which genuinely create backlinks to your website.

Remember to use all of the above mentioned blogging tips and tools to maximize your content research, target the right audience at the right time, and build strong lasting backlinks. By doing so, you can greatly pitch up things!

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