Growing From 0 to 10K Organic Visitors By Targeting Content To The Sales Funnel

In the business world revenue is important to maintain the success of the business. Unfortunately for many businesses one common challenge that many come across is having plenty of traffic but not enough overall conversions. While many companies tend to focus on creating content which is designed to generate plenty of traffic, they may not realise that they need to focus also on targeting their content strategy to their buyer’s search intent at the different cycles in their sales funnel. Targeting content to the sales funnels can mean the difference between growing 0k to 10K organic visitors in just a short amount of time. We covered social media and sales funnel issues on our S56 blog, and here we’re focusing on targeting with content. The following guide is designed to help increase traffic while strategically focusing and targeting different sales funnels.

Grow Your Organic Visitors Faster With Targeted Content

Identify And Research Where To Focus Your Content Efforts

SEO Sales FunnelYour content is key to the success of growing your organic visitor base, however before you commit to any content write-up, you need to identify where to focus your efforts. By clicking here, you will be able to find out a few things that will help focus your content creation to your targeted audience. In a typical survey you may find that some of the companies have experienced the same outcome:

  • There was a lack of great content which was designed to help people with numerous challenges in their daily business operations.
  • There was a lack of trust within industries with many businesses getting burnt by freelancers and companies.
  • There was poor communication between the client and the firm where the client didn’t know how the project was progressing.
  • A business hires a person who isn’t as skilled in the production phase of a project as they should have been.

As many companies are affected by these issues, this is what you need to capitalize on. The goal is to create some of the best content resources available which resolves these many issues for businesses and readers. During the research phase you could complete the following, if allowed:

  • Listen in on prospect phone calls and catalogue the questions that they asked in the beginning of the buyer process.
  • Talk to current clients and take note of challenges they faced during a working project.
  • Listen to conversations and take notes of questions and objections clients had before completing a purchase.
  • Call prospects from different business types and ask them in-depth questions that would help you understand their buying triggers.

Once you have completed this research you can then start a content strategy plan to create content that will be used to resolve these pain trigger points in low, medium and high operating businesses.

Targeting Keywords That Match Different Sales Funnel Stages

SEO Content StrategyAs a content creator you probably already know the basics of keywords. Although many businesses use generic keywords to gain major traffic volume, this can be increased dramatically by using a little more strategic skill. The key to targeting content to more sales funnels is by using targeted long tail keywords which cater for each stage of the project’s development process. When researching a product or service, a general company or target audience would be searching for something like:

  • How Tos – How do I build a website? (This is classed as: Top Funnel. This means that the user is doing initial overall research before they have actually started the process.)
  • Comparison – Templates Vs Customized Web Design (This is classed as: Mid Funnel. This means they generally have an idea in mind of what they want to design but haven’t chosen the right hosting company or domain name yet).
  • Questions – What is the best website hosting company? (This is classed as Low Funnel: This means they know what they want to do and need to get started by choosing the best options for their project.)

In knowing these different levels, you can easily create more specific and targeted keywords which will directly target your content to the right person. Some keywords for each funnel include:

Top Funnel:

  • How to create a website
  • How to make a website
  • How to build a website
  • Make your own website
  • Create your own website

Mid Funnel

  • Best ways to create a website
  • Creating a website for your business
  • Building your own website
  • Best ways to make a website

Low Funnel

  • What do I need to make a website
  • How to setup a website
  • How to choose a hosting company
  • How to make a webpage
  • How to choose a website layout

Writing For A Specific Demand

The best way to target your content more directly is by typing your long tail keywords into a search engine such as Google and see what results show. Click on each result (unless they are against the law) and see whether the question has been answered directly by someone else. For example:

If you type in ‘How To Make A Website That…’ you will see, depending on your search engine it may come up with something that ends like:

  • Makes money
  • Has accounts
  • Steals passwords (this one won’t obviously be used as it is illegal).
  • Can upload videos

Google Auto Complete

You’ll find a lot of the time there are many blogs that don’t answer the question posed directly, only providing useless information which doesn’t lead to positive results. This is where you can step in to create a piece of content that actual answers their question in full detail. In doing this, your business will become renowned for great content.


Creating content to target the different stages in the sales funnel can be challenging at first for the inexperienced, but over time it will come more natural to you and your business partners. By basing your content strategy around these methods you can easily start to grow your organic traffic from 0K to 10K in a very short time. It’s important to remember, however, that you should only answer legitimate and legal questions in your niche. Your business should never promote any unethical behavior as it could lead to major legal complications. So are you going to change your content marketing strategy to target more sales funnel stages?

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